Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Drag Babes"

What was in this beer?
What was in that Beer?
I have told all you Cyrsti's Condo Ites, how bored I get and how cynical my sense of humor is.  I have "sort of/kind of" found a home for some of it on my Pinterest site.  If you are unfamiliar, Pinterest is a photo site where every interest under the sun can be displayed, from vintage collectibles to dumb stuff like this.  I call the board "Drag Babes" and add my own captions.  The pictures don't have any original information I can find, so I add my own. So, if they are of look great!

What are your girlfriends wearing if you are forcing me to go with you all like this?
Come on Guys, Why do I always have to be the girl?

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