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OK girlfriends and guy is a miss mash of stuff (kind of like my closet!), Number one is another site dedicated to " transequality ". The "National Center for Transgender Equality" web site features great information and even a training piece. Check it out! Way less serious news includes "The Village Voice " reporting that "Lady Gaga" is going to do a video with transsexuals. That is earth shattering! Really? Lady Gaga? This soldier,who made the " Top Ten Chinese Crossdresser List " just blew me away! "Back in the day", I had a friend who delighted in carrying " Mao Tsetung's " little red book. I really never believed he ever opened it, but it really upset many people... All he was looking for in our Midwestern town. Seemingly a thousand years later China is emerging as a world force and I thought we would feature a picture of one of China's former soldiers  Well, here she is! What wou