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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ozzie's Little Girl Is Back!

I'm sure you remember the "trama" poor Kelly Osbourne felt when fiance Luke Worral was alledgedly caught with a transgender woman.
The UK's "Daily Mail" has resurrected the story following Osbourne's transphobic rant surfaced. You can follow the link of course to read the entire story. Essentially she said up until she found out about Worral and the transgendered woman She had always thought that the worst way to get cheated on would be with an ugly girl. Don't you think?'
OK Kelly lets compare a few pictures. 

Number one, Luke's transgendered love interest gives Kelly a real run for her money in the looks department.
Number two, Luke could be the prettiest one of the three!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


OK girlfriends and guy is a miss mash of stuff (kind of like my closet!),
Number one is another site dedicated to "transequality". The "National Center for Transgender Equality" web site features great information and even a training piece. Check it out!
Way less serious news includes "The Village Voice" reporting that "Lady Gaga" is going to do a video with transsexuals. That is earth shattering! Really? Lady Gaga?
This soldier,who made the "Top Ten Chinese Crossdresser List" just blew me away!
"Back in the day", I had a friend who delighted in carrying "Mao Tsetung's" little red book. I really never believed he ever opened it, but it really upset many people... All he was looking for in our Midwestern town. Seemingly a thousand years later China is emerging as a world force and I thought we would feature a picture of one of China's former soldiers  Well, here she is!
What would "Ozzie" think! Yes that "Ozzie Osbourne". I don't really think "The Oz" is capable of a coherent thought but was he shocked when daughter Kelly ­tearfully dumped ­fiancĂ© Luke Worrall when she found
out he was ­having a secret affair.
The heartbroken star finally ended her engagement to the model when
she discovered he was cheating with Elle ­Schneider, an identikit

But what Kelly didn't ­realize was that Elle was born a man - and is
now a pre-op transsexual.
Elle, 21, from Miami, revealed her secret to the Sunday Mirror, and
produced an ID card that shows she started life as Reynaldo Gonzalez.
Elle said she was open with Luke that she was born a boy and it turned him on more. Imagine that!
It seems (from my angle) this could be Kelli's fault. Her own transformation resulted in "Elle" and her looking like sisters. Maybe Luke thought that too?

The Gender Waltz

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