It's a New World

  Raquel  Without bringing up too much unpleasant history, it was possibly the time of Donald tRumpt's election when it became more and more in vogue to outwardly criticize transgender citizens.  I have an example.  A long time acquaintance of mine moved from Ohio to Texas eight years ago and lives full time as a transgender woman, mostly with no problems. Recently though all of that changed when she went to a diner she knows well. Her name is  Raquel  and here is a partial look at what went down: " I avoid news/politics. But I feel like I'm on people's radar lately. Yesterday as I was walking out of a diner, two drunk couples were in a booth, and this big tough guy gets my attention... "GUY: Hey! You're not a dude, are you? ME: [loudly] F***. You. GUY: I'll take that as a yes! (his friends are kinda looking around like WTF I'm not part of this) GUY: No, you're beautiful! You had me fooled! Coincidentally, this was the 8th anniversary of the day I

Two Alpha Women and a Trans Girl

  Image from WheresLugo on UnSplash Over the years as I write about frequently, I wonder quite a bit how I turned out the way I did as a transitioning transgender woman.  Recently I have come to realize I experienced a serious battle between two alpha females and one lonely transgender girl was what was going on. I should have recognized the battle much sooner because I experienced two alpha females attempting to live together under the same roof.  What happened was when I was a teenager, my Dad somehow engineered his Mom moving into an already crowded house with my younger brother and more importantly my Mom. Of course an uneasy truce was established between the two women. Leaving me less time to practice my feminine past-time in the hall way mirror. What I did learn was the power of an alpha woman. If you don't think women can be alpha, you certainly have not been paying attention to how the genders interact in the world.  Fast forward many years to the point when I began to seri

You Don't Know

  Image from Noah Grossenbacher on UnSplash You don't know what you don't know is so appropriate when it comes to describing a lengthy transgender transition.  Similar to anybody else, I had my predetermined ideas of the steps I would need to go through.  Very early on, I was so involved in looking the part I failed to realize all the other intangibles I would face along the way.  My all encompassing desire to be an attractive woman many times would lead to huge fights with my second wife. She was a very strong, down to earth woman who accepted my cross dressing desires but drew the line at any idea I was transgender. Since she didn't wear much makeup at all, she was fond of calling me the "Pretty, Pretty Princess"  when I put the time and effort into being the most attractive woman  I could be. I got my revenge when we were going to an event where she needed to wear makeup and she was forced to turn to me for guidance.  What I didn't realize how much my old m