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Shopping 201

Image from Brett Jordan on UnSplash Over the years I did quite a bit of shopping in clothing stores and malls, mostly successfully. It took a while but I finally learned much of my success had to do with the fact my money was more important than my gender to the average store clerk. Many I think worked on commission and anything they sold was added to their paycheck. Even still, the experience was valuable in building my confidence as a novice cross dresser in the days I was running from the idea I could be transgender. I was paying my way to people so they would be nice to me. Only one time did I run into any problems when an older clerk told me my skirt was too short. In response, I left and never returned since there were plenty of clothing stores to go to. In a short period of time, I grew tired of the same old shopping I was doing and started to expand into stopping for lunch where I needed to interact one on one as a woman with servers. The entire process opened a whole new gende

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