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"Lazy versus "Blending?"

Everyday I have to put together a new outfit or put on my makeup to get ready to go out, I am envious of cis women (even though I have willingly entered their world.) For one, if I am going anywhere I will face the public at all, I have to put my best feminine face forward. I am very fortunate in that I have the process down to a half hour. I operate on the cusp of a very sharp double edged sword. At the best I came into to this ultra serious game at the best marginally presentable. These days without the help of surgery and with the help of hormones (HRT) I can navigate the world. Most importantly I have to look like I'm not trying-like any other cis woman. I guess if I had any advice, practice makes perfect and don't get discouraged. No matter how hard you try, there most likely someone who will "sniff" you out and make your business their business. These days too, a sizable percentage of people are attracted to your transgender-ness. Sort of like the drive th