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Pockets of Pissy Peeps

Really? A 25-year-old transgender Lewiston, Idaho resident who identifies as a woman said she's been served with trespassing papers after customers at a local grocery store complained when she used the women's bathroom. "When I did use the males (restroom) there would be people that would harass me in school," Ally Robledo said. "I would feel really embarrassed and there were times when I found myself in a lot of dangerous situations." Robledo, who prefers to go by Ally and identifies as a woman, was given a no trespass order Monday night shortly after leaving the Rosauer's grocery store location in Lewiston. Stories like this just want to make me pull out some of this hair I have taken so long to grow in frustration. Of course I have long known it is impossible for a few humans to stay the hell out of other peoples business-especially if you happen to be transgender. I also know how dramatic just having to pee has been for me in the past as I