Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Trans Blog of Interest

I stumbled upon a blog called Post Op Living by Christina (right) which has quite a few interesting insights into living the post op life.

Check it out here.

Silvia Burgio

Beatiful transsexual celebrity Silvia Burgio:

And a video on the Crysti's Condo big screen:

Huge Battle Brewing

Recently I mentioned the challenges to transgender discrimination which is inherent in most major health plans as ObamaCare takes effect.
This story comes from the "Pink News":

"In a July letter to trans groups, Leon Rodriguez, the director of HHS’s Office for Civil Rights, said that HHS considers discrimination based on “gender identity or failure to conform to stereotypical notions of masculinity or femininity” in federal health programmes or activities receiving funding under Affordable Care Act-covered programs to be illegal. The news was first reported by BuzzFeed. Maya Rupert of the National Center for Lesbian Rights said in a statement:”Transgender people face severe discrimination in healthcare settings and are often denied care completely. “This announcement affirms that all patients in federally funded health care settings must be treated equally and may not be denied care simply because of who they are. “We are grateful to HHS for clarifying this important policy and providing transgender people with the security of knowing they are included in the administration’s commitment to the health and well-being of all Americans.”

Certainly this directive seems very direct and positive to me...almost too good to be true. But when the radical social right gets tired of restricting our right to pee I just see another ugly storm brewing . Not a difficult prediction, right?

I also wonder if any of this will filter over to the Veterans Administration will presently covers care up to any surgery for transgender veterans.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jahna Steele

"Older" girls like me certainly remember a little of the groundbreaking work of the late "Jahna Erica Steele"

She was one of the first transgender women who made the talk show circuit in my day.
From Wickopedia:

"(born John Matheny, 29 September 1958 — 24 January 2008[1]) was an American transgender entertainer and Las Vegas showgirl who was voted Las Vegas' "Sexiest Showgirl on The Strip" in 1991,[2] "Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year, 1992," and "Most Beautiful Showgirl, 1993."[3] She was fired after being outed as a trans woman by a tabloid television show. Steele made numerous film and television appearances, including hosting a transgender beauty pageant featured in the film Trantasia."

On the Cyrsti's Condo big screen, here's another video look at the beautiful Jahna:

Friday, March 29, 2013

Deliverance Remembered

If you remember the less than flattering images of Appalachian culture in the motion picture "Deliverance", you will know where I'm coming from in this post.

This morning I was out doing heavy man type work. I'm working on moving and I have a lot of dirty lifting to do.  Part of my work today was taking advantage of a spring day and taking laundry to the local laundromat down the street. Then saving on electric by hanging it outside to dry.

Of course I don't seem to handle boredom well and as I was filling my laundry basket with my wash, I passed this woman, a man and a kid who looked as if they were off spring of first cousins or closer...really! The woman kept staring at me...flat out glaring at times. I was thinking what the hell was her problem and checked out her crew as I left with my wash. She was busily laughing and talking to the man with a look I've seen so many times before... Hey! Look what I saw, a man cross dressed as a woman. The only problem was-I wasn't this time.

Oh well, if you have seen Deliverance, you know I was waiting for the Banjo music to start!

Medicaid and the Trans Girl?

I ran across this little bit of news which is guaranteed to make the Arizona "Pee" uprising seem like a minor skirmish if it is true:
 From the National Review Online:

" As the technocrats seriously ponder imposing health care rationing, government bureaucrats have raised a trial balloon that could result in Medicare and Medicaid paying for sex change surgeries. From the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services announcement: CMS opens this reconsideration of the NCD on Surgical Treatment for Gender Identity Disorder. Section 140.3 of the NCD Manual. The initial 30-day public comment period begins with this posting date, and ends after 30 calendar days. CMS considers all public comments, and is particularly interested in clinical studies and other scientific information relevant to the topic under review. Surgical Treatment for Gender Identity Disorder (formerly referred to as transsexual surgery in 140.3) is currently noncovered under the Medicare Part A and Part B programs. The existing policy, which became effective in 1981, states that transsexual surgery is considered experimental. Surgical sex change is a consumerist, not a medical procedure. It shouldn’t be covered by tax payers whether or not it remains experimental. And pay close attention to this: If Medicare and Medicaid covers it, believe me, Obamacare won’t be far behind. This is how the Left intends to use health care to advance its social agendas. Talk about busting the bank! “Social justice” is killing our society."

An interesting story!!!! Of course per norm the transgender culture is again being made out to be the "bad guy" in this article. It's just our rights that are being shorted...again.

Two Great Ideas!

From Creative Loafing, Charlotte, a chance to really get out of the closet:
"Ready to pay forward those jeans you never wear? Donate them to the LGBT Community Center of Charlotte, which is in the middle of a week-long clothing drive for transgender people. The drive, called Trans Closet, collects clothes for transgender individuals who can't afford to buy a new wardrobe that reflects their true identity. Shoppers will also be able to try on and receive donated clothes on Saturday. Shopping starts at 1 p.m. The experience will hopefully allow them to enjoy shopping in an accepting environment. Organizer Constance Brooks says the most in-demand donation items are work clothes, including suits for men, and women's business separates, like blouses, skirts and jackets."


The sign outside the restroom in Dr. Jeffrey M. Engel's New York office. No silly, this sign was not spotted in certain Arizona legislator offices!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Fashion is Springing

Finally spring weather is ever so slowly pushing winter out of Cyrsti's Condo and it's time to start thinking about spring fashions. I'm not here to act like I'm the big fashionista but I think over the years I have developed a certain sense of my style and what wardrobe items fit in it.

This morning it occurred to me that a certain percentage of cross dressing and even transgender girls I hear from who say they "can never pass" may me missing a few tips.
Back in my fashion obsessive days, I managed to notice more than a few women had body shapes not too different from mine. The example to the right is called an "inverted triangle". As you can see the top of the triangle represents wide shoulders and narrow hips. Exactly my shape.

The picture below it is from two summers ago and not of the best quality but I was trying to down play my shoulders with a loose off the shoulder top and give the image of hips with a slightly flared denim skirt. The added benefit was the length of the top which covered the waist I didn't have.
No pun intended, but I was doing this with mirrors...the same as any fashion conscious woman and it's certainly no big secret.
Fashion tips for any body style are all over the place.  I always like to visit Fabulous after 40.  The site always give me age appropriate fashion ideas which are copied off the runways and adapted to "older girls" like me. Here's an example from Fab 40.

To the left the model is wearing an Asian patterned top. It appeals to me because of the soft overall look to it as well as the pattern. Just the right pattern can give you a great classy style...or look terrible!

Also, don't go running off thinking I'm a big budget shopper. I don't have the finances to shop retail so I shop the wonderful world of thrift stores. My latest find is a very light cream colored lacy top. I plan to pair it with one of my tank tops and the denim skirt. The most expensive part of the outfit will be the sandals I will have to buy.

My point is if I can do this fashion thing, so can the majority of you. Before you think you can't pass, you maybe just don't know the tricks of how to do it!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

January Benefit

I love this story!

" Usually when a brand launches a new product, it's pretty easy to guess its motive: profits. But cruelty-free beauty line Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has never been one to play by the rules, which is why this amazing, heartwarming endeavor makes such perfect sense. The brand has released a limited-edition Lip Tar with the sole purpose to raise funds to help one of its own complete her gender transition surgery. January Hunt, a long-time employee with OCC, was assigned male at birth, but identifies female. In 2010, she decided to begin her transition. "Without the language or the backbone of a community to support me," she says, "it was easy to be led astray by the narrow two-gender system presented by society. I decided the only way to move forward with my life was to stop ignoring the elephant in every space I set foot in, and begin my transition rites." Unfortunately, three years after she started hormone replacement therapy, Hunt has encountered a huge roadblock in the form of health insurance. "The medical industry insists on labelling gender confirming/affirming surgeries as cosmetic rather than medically necessary," she explains. "The ripple effect is that most private and public health insurance organizations do not cover surgeries for transgender people, even if deemed medically necessary by a physician or therapist." Left with few other options to help her complete her journey, Hunt started a fundraising campaign to help her raise the needed $30,000 for sex reassignment surgery and gender-affirming breast augmentation. Fortunately for her, she works with one of the most compassionate employers we've ever seen, who went above and beyond to not only support Hunt through her transition, but also to actively help her get there."

Go to January29 for more.

Candis is Back!

From the Cyrsti's Condo entertainment desk, reports:

"Transgender actress Cadis Cayne will be joining Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, and the rest of the Elementary cast for an upcoming episode of the modern Sherlock Holmes series according to the Internet Movie Database. The episode, titled “Snow Angels,” will be a reunion for Cayne and Liu, as the both appeared on Dirty Sexy Money – the same television show that made entertainment history by making Cayne the first transgender actress to have a recurring role on a prime-time series. Since then, Cayne has become one of the most popular transgender actresses in the United States starring in several TV series including Nip/Tuck, Drop Dead Diva, and Here TV’s She’s Living for This."

Girls Night Out

On the Cyrsti's Condo big screen a YouTube video which is admittedly out of my generational reach. None the less interesting:


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Get Involved

Fighting for our right to PEE!
Most certainly you have heard of the insane right to pee bill in Arizona.  Basically, if this bill passes it would require a transgender woman or transgender man posses a new birth certificate or face arrest.
I am passing along a link to the Dyssonance blog. Blog author Toni D'orsay is basically at ground zero of the fight against this ridiculous bill. She has all the info including email and other social media links to contact legislators in Arizona:

Action Needed! Call or Write NOW: #noloo4u on twitter Contact these representatives in order to let them know that SB1045 seeks to make it impossible for women with pants and short haircuts, men with long hair and kilts, and anyone who doesn't meet the standards for what someone else thinks a man or woman should like or act like, including loving someone of the same sex, to use the restroom. This law seeks to make being transgender in public a wrong thing, and says that trans people are wrong, dangerous, and bad.

As I said, follow the link above for the actual connections.  I have sent my first email and plan to do more!

Erica Andrews Tribute

On the Cyrsti's Condo big screen, a tribute to the recently passed Erica Andrews from YouTube:

Helen and Betty

Perhaps if you are a regular here in Cyrsti's Condo, you have heard me mention Helen Boyd and blog         en Gender. Her most recent post certainly struck a personal chord with me as I am nearly in the same situation.  Here's an excerpt:

"It’s been a while since I’ve griped about the petty bullshit involved in being the partner of a trans person, hasn’t it? I recently posted a photo of me and my wife at the GLAAD awards, and many, many people have said lovely things about how we both look, which we’ve both appreciated. But I did notice – how could I not? – a pretty common refrain that goes something like this: “Your wife looks amazing and of course you do too” or, alternately, “your wife looks great and it goes without saying that you do too.” And you know what? Actually, it doesn’t. I understand the need for people to validate a trans woman’s attractiveness. I really do. But when (1) you married a man who is no longer a man, and/or (2) you’re in your 40s, and/or (3) you’re not a size 4, and/or (4) people consistently think that trans bodies are somehow publicly owned and so can and should be regularly commented on, it gets a little tiring to hear how remarkably gorgeous my wife is. I mean, I know that. I live with her and see her every day. I’m the one she shares makeup with, and hair products, and pajamas, so yes, I’m aware she’s a hottie, and a gender normative hottie at that."

And another:
Helen and Betty

"I mean, again, I get it. I’m the one who married her, right? I’m pretty clear that I married someone who was a hottie in one gender presentation who is now a hottie in another. I have no problem with anyone telling her that she’s attractive – none whatsoever. I married an actor, after all, and so have always been used to people finding my spouse attractive. What I don’t understand is why people tell ME she’s attractive, and she doesn’t understand it either. To be honest, it feels a little like “my best friend’s gay” or “I have a black friend” – as in, it sometimes comes off as a knee-jerk liberal reaction, laced with “isn’t it amazing your wife who was born a man is attractive as a woman?” And you know what? It’s not. So many beautiful women I’ve met are trans. In a crankier mood, I might even call this kind of compliment a micro aggression, because it others her, calls out her transness, and reminds me, too, that my partner is trans."

As you can tell Helen is a very outspoken, visible and intelligent spokesperson for a certain layer of the transgender community.  Go here to read more.

A Natural Comes Home

Many are born in the wrong body...very few have an easy time changing the problem.  On the Cyrsti's Condo big screen here is one who didn't:

Monday, March 25, 2013

Horror Scope

Up in the air, it's a bird, it's a plane! No it's star time and another "HorrorScope" here in Cyrsti's Condo :

(September 23-October 22): The promises you keep making to yourself, activate them now! Don’t bite off more than you can chew, so take smaller nibbles to get what you want done. If you do, then you will see that your goals aren’t so far out of reach, because just saying, “Yes,” will move you light years ahead.

My Mom always told me to take smaller bites so maybe this will work!!!!

Horror Scope is my title go to theFrisky for yours!
Part of the impossible dream for me is Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS). I just can't ever seem being able to afford it or on some days even wanting it. One who did is featured on the Cyrsti's Condo big screen,  from YouTube:

Tit for Tat

It doesn't take a genius to figure out the human obsession with breasts.  "The girls" are one of the basics of a woman's femininity and an attraction to others.

How funny is it when guys think I'm going HRT to just to grow my own breasts to play with. 

I won't deny breast development has not been a pleasant part of my exterior feminization. In many cases just the slightest touch is a constant reminder of where I am on my transgender journey. BUT on a much larger scale, the transformation of my skin and the thickening of my hair have been just as astounding. In fact, I should write a separate post just about my hair.

Plus, let's not forget my continued lack of climate control.  I went through the hottest summer of my life into my coldest winter. I wish I could blame it on the climate but I can't. It's real and it's me.

The main point is that all pieces of this gender puzzle are continuing to come together and the process feels so right. I can only hope this summer will be a little more "air cooled"!

A Close Shave

German cross dressing magic on YouTube from the Cyrsti's Condo big screen:

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hormones and the Transgender Jock

Many of you who are regular guests to Cyrsti's Condo know I'm a sports fanatic and of course I'm happy my The Ohio State Buckeyes are going back to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA basketball tournament

Hillary Thompson
Recently though, so much more is happening in sports.  Transgender and  transsexual women are increasingly trying compete with their own gender.  Kick boxer Fallon Fox comes to mind, along with trans golfer Bobbi Lancaster and skate border Hillary Thompson.

Of course I am for equal transgender rights at every turn but I'm not so sure of the inherent fairness of sports competition with genetic females.

I can only go with my own personal observations of how HRT has sapped my male strength but still think my basic body crafted from years of testosterone would give me an unfair physical advantage. IF skill levels and mental attitudes were comparable, changes are I would win.

I also considered the deep seated ideas of athletic competition between men and women which go back to our earliest days of getting beat by a girl.
That theory goes out the window though when you consider transgender roller derby skater Kayley Whalen? I'm thinking most of her fellow female skaters could care less and said so and vice versa as Kayley went on to fight with the bigoted transphobic Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. (Which has barred transgender participation).

Kayley Whalen, right.

Bobbie Lancaster

I guess the bottom line is I'm trying to do the infamous "pound the round peg into a square hole game". To each their own and let the best person win...transgender or not.

Happy Birthday "Y'All"

I guess I'm fortunate enough- no let me say I am fortunate enough to be invited along on uniquely feminine activities. The latest was a birthday celebration with four other women.
Birthday's for guys and for kids are different for women.  Just to sit down over dinner or whatever and exchange a card or even a cupcake among friends just had a different feel.

Women form different friendship bonds which are so much more complex than men.  Of course family and relationships are the major topics of conversation but there is more. Last night for example, one of the women's daughter was experiencing early labor pains.  During dinner she was in constant contact with Mom (the birthday girl) about the process.  Even I know most all women experience them and it's usually a false sign the baby is arriving.   The call started a conversation around the table about child birth experiences.  Three out of five of the women could contribute and two of us couldn't. I have obvious reasons and I'm not exactly sure about my other friend.

The whole tribal evening was primeval in it's scope I believe. Without being too melodramatic, I'm just using cavemen and women as an example.  Women of course were tied in to the home front much more than the men.  Over the centuries a female may really dislike the woman in the next cave over but for the most part may not go and try to harm her. Instead the process carries over into the clique I was part of last night. The gender dynamics of gossip and passive aggressiveness were fascinating.

Over the years, I have written on the benefits of learning the dynamics of feminine communication. Last night, I had to keep rebooting my male trained mind to understand what the girls were really saying. When was a bitch a real bitch and when she wasn't. Or when was a compliment genuine or just nice "how you doing girl" warm and fuzzy?

My solution was and is to be an interested observer and learner-which is impossible for most of this group.  As an accepted part of the circle, I do participate and learn at the same time.

Of course the whole evening was just another stop on this long transgender journey. I know I should never take any of this for granted so it's time to learn and move on to the next party.  Hope I make it!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Invisible Again

I have written about being invisible on a number of occasions here in Cyrsti's Condo but this one hits close to home.
Recently I was invited by a transgender girl friend to go to an equality event in my town.  The event was significant primarily because I didn't even think such an activity could happen in my medium sized town. It's  not necessarily known as the most liberal place in the world.

At any rate, the presentation revolved around a film which used Bible interpretations and major real and imagined theologians.  I use the word "imagined" for the right wing bigots who hate the LGBT community. During the movie I counted the times the transgender word was used and came up with a maximum of five times in two hours. Wasn't surprised. Been part of the silent "T" in and out of my own closet. The icing on the cake though was no mention of the transgender word before or after the event by the presenters.

By this time, I was relatively steamed by all of the missing "T" but I knew being upset meant nothing if I didn't do a thing.  So afterward I took up the offer to sign up for the mailing list and asked if I was welcome at all.  Of course then I got the blank "well sure but then again what does that mean look" from the gay and lesbian organizers. Hey, I'm used to that and formulated a plan.

I'm heading to the next meeting which I assume will not include the "it's cool to be around gay folks" peeps who were there last night.  I plan on discussing the silent "T" and how ironic it is that there aren't any transgender people in my town of 75,000-according to them.  The highlight of the evening was when a woman stood up and said she would love it if her daughter was a lesbian. I thought, "how about a trans man?"

My true goal though are the youth who this group wants to help.  Pity the poor transgender boy or girl who is exposed to this group and is invisible. At the least, I should be able to light a fire under the gay and lesbian leaders of the group and maybe help a lonely kid. I overheard the gay leader tell my friend that he had once met a transgender person in Columbus. Wow!

Bottom line:  None of them  have to know me as much as they have to know about me.  I'm not invisible and I do live here.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Trying too Hard

As I sat in the salon today going through the process of making my hair presentable, I had a chance to read a few of the fashion/style magazines which were naturally available.
One story quickly caught my interest. It seems a genetic woman wrote an article about her experience with wigs. She set out to try as many colors and styles as she could during a day and then wear her choice on the subways of NYC.

Of course like the rest of us, she was totally blown out of the water and like many of us...went the blond route.

Here's the fun part. After she made her choice, she felt attractive and secure with her new appearance- until she rode on the subway.  Her comment? I became paranoid because I thought people would think I was trying too hard. (paraphrased)

Wow! Isn't trying too hard to be feminine one of our biggest fundamental problems from cross dresser to transgender? Once we relax and allow our inner girls to emerge, all of the sudden our lives become easier.

As my stylist worked her magic and I walked out, I thought how much sense the genetic woman made.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pee Papers

Thanks To "Bobbie" our intrepid internet "Silver Surfer" here in Cyrsti's Condo. She passed along this story from the Daily Beast

" If a Republican legislator has his way, you’ll need papers to pee in Arizona. Thanks to the state’s infamous immigration legislation, residents are already subject to searches in order to prove their citizenship status. Now transsexual people will have to prove they are in the “correct” bathroom. A new bill introduced this week by Republican state representative John Kavanagh would make it a Class 1 misdemeanor to use a public restroom that does not correspond to the gender on one’s birth certificate. If a person is reported to be using the bathroom without the proper paperwork and matching genitals, it would be defined as “disorderly conduct” and the person could be fined $2,500 and spend six months in jail."

Obviously transphobic Kavanagh should get a real life and out of ours. If you are transgender and passing through Arizona...better hold it!

But Bobbie finished on a high note with this story from Upworthy:

Have you heard the story about the transgender student who joined a fraternity? Earlier on Upworthy we told you about Donnie Collins, a student at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. When his insurance policy turned down his request for transgender surgery, Donnie’s fraternity brothers started a wildly successful fundraising campaign. Total strangers pitched in, then Donnie’s health insurance company miraculously agreed to cover him, and the fraternity raised a bunch of money to help other young people with their surgeries too. Result! So what kind of person could possibly inspire so much love and generosity? Check out Donnie’s thank-you message from last month and you’ll get it. At 1:13 A campaign is born. At 2:38 Here is Donnie’s takeaway At 4:58 Consider yourself kissed, friends At 6:40 Here's the big heartfelt finish"

Thanks Bobbie!


I was going through my transgender relevant emails and came across a surprising and confusing story about the clothing chain New Look:
Recently,  A young trans woman was left upset and puzzled after being told she couldn't use the changing rooms at international fashion chain store, New Look. According to Gay Star News.
A confusing story because at least in my section of the world most women's clothing stores welcome cross dressers or transgender shoppers with welcome arms. My theory is in retail business today we all are green under the in money.

But, seemingly not so much with "New Look":

"M (whose name has been withheld at her request) was visiting the chain’s branch in Brixton, south London, England where she spent half an hour browsing, picking up clothes before heading to the changing room. There, she says, her way was barred by a staff member who challenged her explicitly, stating: ‘Oh, you are a man.’ M attempted to explain she was transgender and just wanted to try on clothes like anyone else. However, the response was the same: ‘This is a women’s changing room, we don’t have any changing rooms for men."

I am not here to slam the "New Look" chain. The company tried to "spin" the story by calling the incident a mistake caused by poorly written memo. More than likely a better written memo has already been issued. If not shame on them. If they carried clothes in my size, I can certainly take my business to their competitors. The same as I do with a certain well known chicken food chain.

More interesting to me was "M"s boring comment:

‘All trans people want to be is boring. ‘All I have ever wanted was to wake up one day and be a cis gendered girl. And I guess the reason I was so taken aback by the incident was because in my head, at that point, I was the girl. Not 100%, but I was pretty damned close. ‘But [New Look’s] official policy is that I am someone who their store managers have to make special arrangements for because, in their eyes, I am not a woman and will never, ever be a woman. And I will never be boring. I will always stand out. And I will always make other customers feel uncomfortable in using a closed changing room whilst I use a separate closed changing room several feet away. ‘Still, I cannot get over the thought of, what if this happened to someone who was very early in their transition? Who has only just got out of the closet hell? This sort of thing could set someone back months in their transition.’

So true! I'm fairly certain boring does not describe me as a person at all. Even if you leave the transgender part of my personality out.
Plus when you do venture out of the closet the last thing you need is some narrow minded bigoted clerk setting you back with a dressing room ban.
Everytime a "M" steps up, it helps us all!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Husband Betty

On the Cyrsti's Condo big screen I'm passing along a classic video from the days when Helen Boyd was promoting her book called "My Husband Betty":

Helen writes a very active blog which I have a permanent link to on the blog or you can go here for more.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Horror Scope!

As the time flies by here in Cyrsti's Condo and the stars move across the's time for another look at what's in store for all of us Libra girls:

(September 23-October 22): You only have yourself to answer to at the end of the day, and if what you want matches your boo’s agenda, then hurrah, you will have a very happy few weeks. If it’s not, then woe is you, as you will be all sorts of irritated as you try to work as a team. Of course, peace of mind and balance doesn’t always have to come in twos.

Wow! I better send my agenda to my boo. So she can adjust hers!  Just kidding!!!!
Please remember the "Horror Scope" term is my own and you can look to the stars for your scope from theFrisky  here.

Trans Ohio Symposium

In the recent months here in Cyrsti's Condo, I have mentioned I am going to be a presenter at this year's Trans Ohio Symposium.
The conference is scheduled for April the 26th through the 28th in Columbus, Ohio. My workshop will be based on transitioning later in life but much, much more will be happening!

If you live close and are interested,   the keynote speaker this year is writer and poet Andrea Jenkins . In addition to Andrea's keynote, she'll be presenting two workshops: Issues for Transpeople of Color and The Role of Art in Transgender Movement, so plan to attend! Andrea is the author of two chapbooks, “tributaries: poems celebrating black history and “Pieces of Scream”. Recently elected to chair the newly established GLBT Caucus of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs, Andrea is lives in Minneapolis and works as a Senior Policy Aide for the 8th Ward City Councilmember, Elizabeth Glidden.

For more information on the weekend, go here.


On the Cyrsti's Condo big screen is transvestite Emma who I have also followed on YouTube for awhile:

Sunday, March 17, 2013


I have followed this girl for awhile and the least I can say is she is gorgeous!
Of interest to me is how she has changed her stated identity fairly recently from cross dresser to MtF. Here she is on the Cyrstt's Condo big screen:

Owning It

Here it is again. It's 3 o clock in the morning in Cyrsti's Condo.  I'm curled up watching "The Graduate". from 1967 (the year I graduated from high school). Naturally, it's one of the "movin' picture shows" my generation owns.

As I watched it again though, I found I didn't own any of it. Of course the non-war (Viet Nam) was going on in all it's tortured glory and taking us with it. We were stuck between our parents from the WWII era who had no understanding of why we would fight so hard against serving our country-when in fact we weren't. I never saw the Viet Cong attacking my town...but this is not a late night political rant.

What I really didn't own was my transgender identity.
The soft clear angst of a few of the Simon and Garfunkle  songs from the movie took me back to the  normal uncertainties of my age compounded by this pesky idea that I wanted to be a girl sometimes. Hind sight is always 20-20 but I do wonder (outside of the obvious) how my life would have changed had I faced myself so long ago. As my late wife once told me "be man enough to be a woman".

Who knows? Of course I have all the excuses in the world of how I went on to lead a fairly successful male life and all the while constructing a huge patch to run it all.

I want to think if I had faced it all then, I would I saved myself a tremendous amount of pain and suffering. Then again running away led me to some of the very special people and experiences of my life. As I sit here writing this, all the angst of my graduation years has faded and reality is setting back in. Life has a way of doing that I suppose.

Someone once told me if you are lucky enough to live long enough you can divide your life into 30 year cycles. Many times my path to the final 30 and out cycle was very tenuous. The reassuring fact is now I'm at last at peace with my entire self. If the force above took me away today, I'd have to say "thanks for the trip".

In the meantime Dustin Hoffman married Katherine Ross in the Graduate and all is right with the world and I own it.

Quote of he Day

"You know it's going to be a good day when you drop your toast and it lands butter side up".
                                                                        Cyrsti Hart

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Long Way in a Short Time

Any card carrying American (draft card) back in the day, learned to dislike Cuba and Fidel Castro if for nothing else sending us to the brink of nuclear destruction or making it impossible to import a quality cigar.

Times have changed in Cuba. Read more from the NewYork Times:

 JOSÉ AGUSTÍN HERNÁNDEZ may not be precisely the kind of New Man whom Che Guevara pictured shaping Cuban socialism.
 Ms. Hernández, (above left)  48, who identifies as a woman and goes by Adela, would sooner cut a lazy bureaucrat to size with her sharp tongue than chop sugar cane with a machete. And you would more likely catch her hauling water to her house in platform heels than trudging the streets in fatigues and work boots. So Ms. Hernández was more than a little tickled when she became the first transgender person to be elected to public office in Cuba, a country whose government once viewed homosexuality as a dangerous aberration and, in the 1960s, packed gay men off to labor camps. “It’s a huge achievement,” said Ms. Hernández, referring to her election in November to the municipal council in this coastal town where she represents the 2,000 or so residents of her destitute neighborhood. She raised her painted eyebrows, saying, “For a country that has been so homophobic to change so dramatically — it’s unheard of.”

The Transgender Binary and the Titanic

Have you heard the "agender or neutrios" words?
As so many "terms" these days it comes from younger folks who live outside of the gender binary...which also trashes  the transgender binary too.
By now you may be wondering just what the heck do I mean "transgender binary"? Simple. There is a wide wonderful world between a cross dresser and a transsexual person.  DUH! Ideally this is yet another nail in the coffin of transsexual elitists and a dim patch of light in a cross dressers dark closet. Enough of my biased theory though lets take a look at how others look at it:

First from theFrisky  : "The term genderqueer speaks to a queerness in expression that isn’t immediately visible. For example, when I walk down the street with a shaved head, breasts, and a skirt it is not easy to guess my gender: my expression doesn’t match my identity as genderqueer in a way that most people can see. Some genderqueer people use fashion to exaggerate their androgyny, while others may not “look trans” at all, or may appear to be binary transgender people (as in, a “trans man” or a “trans woman”)."

"In a piece on earlier this week, The Frisky contributor Rachel Rabbit White writes about people who identify as agender or neutrois, meaning a neutral gender."

As you read any or all of this, I'm sure you will realize quickly this is written mainly by biological women. Before you revert back to a typical male based response, consider theFrisky is a feminine site and if the women are doing this...the boys are too.

My point is if you are riding the outdated "transgender binary" cruise on the "Titanic" you may want to watch for ice bergs! You never know when you may want to get off.

Employment and the Trans Woman

A friend and I recently were discussing finding and retaining employment as a transgender woman or man. Which I know is extremely difficult. I saw a good educational video on You Tube on the subject to pass along on the Cyrsti's Condo big screen:

Cyrsti's Condo Quote of the Day

"There is a fine line between being sarcastic and being a bitch." Let's see, where is that damn line?
                                                                                                    Cyrsti Hart

Friday, March 15, 2013

Transitioning with Strangers

It's hard for me to believe, but I have been going to three of the same places for over four years now. Yes they are straight venues and yes I am talking about going in there as me. At the risk of sounding like an alcoholic, all of these places are pubs or taverns of sorts.

All three are very civilized of course and I'm not talking about a bunch of redneck bars in Ohio. Along the way, I became a regular and began to know some of the other regulars.  I'm sure at the beginning most of them didn't really know much except that's a guy dressed as a girl but I was harmless.   On occasion I did run into a rest room problem and the typical snickers (and not the candy bar).  But life went on and actually all the employees have been exceptionally nice to me over the whole time.

Early in my experience though,  the most jaded of some of the male regulars were never really mean or negative but they always had to slide in the man word into our conversations.  A couple of them even went  out of their way to shorten my name to "Chris" (which isn't my male name anyway).

If nothing, I was persistent and ignored it all. Slowly but surely times started to change.  The effect of HRT and wearing my own hair was huge of course but perhaps the bigger change had to do with meeting my friends there..they validated me as a real person,. I wasn't just a guy dressed as a girl, I had a life. All of the sudden, I moved from "man or Chris" to a person.

For sure, I do get discouraged at the timing of all of this. I'm an impatient person and four years is an eternity! On the other hand, essentially I am transitioning in front of their eyes.

 Who knows, a few of them may even look up the transgender word. In the meantime,  I really enjoy the friendly acceptance I get. Even though I'm their token trans girl.

Have You Seen?

A letter written from a dad to his gay son Nate is going viral on the Internet because of its simple, hopeful message of love. “I overheard your phone conversation with Mike last night about your plans to come out to me,” it reads. “The only thing I need you to plan is to bring home OJ and bread after class. We are out, like you now. I’ve known you were gay since you were six, I’ve loved you since you were born.” He signs it “Dad” and finishes with a post script: “Your mom and I think you and Mike make a cute couple.”

Aaawgh! Now I'm crying just a bit...damn hormones!!!

"Alternative Model"

From Sweden, Victoria Eriksson walks the gender line by using the "alternative" tag!
Here's a link to Victoria's Blog which presents an exiting gender line from androgyny to feminine.
Victoria was also on Sweden's Next Top Model, is also a make up artist and designer!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Transgender "Glee"

This is not a new story except for here in Cyrsti's Condo. Last season the hit television show "Glee" introduced a part time transgender character "Unique" :
"Wade Unique Adams"

"After dealing heavily with gay themes since its debut, ‘Glee‘ is finally taking on the issues that transgender teens face. In the episode, ‘Saturday Night Glee-ver,’ we were introduced to Unique: a transgender character who is coming to terms with her identity. Unique, part of the show choir Vocal Adrenaline, approaches Mercedes and Kurt as a young man named Wade (played by Alex from ‘The Glee Project‘) who wants to wear a dress on stage and unveil his flashy alter ego. It appears at first that he came to the right place, to take advice from two of the show’s bravest characters. But even Kurt, it seems, has a lot to learn. When Kurt advises Wade not to become Unique on stage, it is evident that he doesn’t understand what trans people go through. “You identify as a man,” Wade tells him, and when Unique takes the stage, it’s obvious that this is who Wade is. Unique is the true identity, and Wade is the fiction. Unique, of course, brings the house down with her moves. It’s about time ‘Glee’ tackled some of these issues!"

The reason I brought it up is I'm not a regular Glee viewer but I did see a brief part of the show recently which included a performance by Unique and and a discussion with a guy I assume was Kurt.  He was complaining about Unique being a boy one day and a girl the next and by the way which restroom would be used.
This story line is exactly what our transgender culture needs to educate the public about who we are.

Go here for more.

A Different View

Many of the YouTube videos I view and even present on our Cyrsti's Condo big screen give us all a wonderful finished transition. Speaking for me alone, I am amazed and happy for most of the transgender girls but have seen much of their process an impossible dream of sorts.  The video I'm presenting now though   is different in that the trans woman had not as of yet started any HRT:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Winning in Columbus

Columbus, Ohio is very close to me geographically and a couple years ago was ranked as one of the top ten Gay cities in the country. In many ways the outcome of  Savanna DeLong's (pictured right) story didn't surprise me as much as it happening at all. This story comes from the LGBTQ Nation:

"A municipal court judge in Columbus, Ohio, has ordered owners of a private dining and business networking club to pay a $1,000 fine in the city’s first-ever transgender discrimination case. Franklin County Municipal Court Judge H. William Pollitt Jr., on Monday levied the fine against Columbus Hospitality Management, owners of the Capital Club, for retaliating against Savanna DeLong and denying her work at the downtown club. Savanna DeLong Image via WBNS-TV It’s the first-ever case brought by city prosecutors against a Columbus business for discriminating against someone who’s transgender, since gender identity was added in 2008 to local anti-discrimination laws."

I wondered though if DeLong had retained her job after all of this and a 1000 dollars is very much a slap on the wrist. Read more:

" Chief Prosecutor Lara Baker-Morrish said DeLong’s status as a contractor prevented the city from fully pursuing a discrimination case against the company. Columbus Hospitality Management was fined for retaliating against DeLong by denying her work after she filed a federal equal-opportunity complaint. That complaint was dismissed because federal anti-discrimination laws don’t cover LGBT Americans. Without the 2008 addition of gender identity to Columbus’ anti-discrimination laws, though, DeLong would have had no standing to pursue her case, Baker-Morrish said. The $1,000 fine against Capital Club will be paid to the city, not to DeLong. But, she said, she has gained something from her involvement in Columbus’ first transgender discrimination case. “It gave me a lot more self-confidence. It made me realize Columbus is a pretty good place,” she said. “I feel like I contributed something to the community.”

That is a better ending!

R.I.P. Erica Andrews

Erica Andrews, a nationally known trans woman and drag diva who headlined the Dallas-filmed indie flick Ticked Off Trannies with Knives, died last night in Chicago from a lung infection, according to reports. Andrews was in her 40s.

For more go here.

Defining your Trans-ness

To be fair, I'm borrowing this line from Miss America's first autistic contestant when she said "I define my autism, it does not define me."

Defining our individual level of "trans-ness".is equally as important. From closet cross dressers to transsexual activists, defining ourselves is key to our personal lives. Even if it is just you and the mirror or you and the world- just thinking "Wow" this is really me defines you.

I thought initially writing this blog, or working on a book or doing a workshop defines me as a transgender woman. In truth though, all of those things are external.  What really defines me are my friends, my relationship and family.

Ironically, I think so many think I had some sort of easy past to get here. On the contrary we all know we have paid considerable dues on our gender journey. Plus a certain segment of the transgender culture even seem to think those dues put them on top of the food chain.

For me though, the difficult part is not forgetting the stages along the way.  Remembering those dark years so long ago when "the girl in the mirror" defined me keeps me real. I just hate when I catch myself climbing up on some slippery pedestal.

Now the most exciting aspect of defining my transgender womanhood  is the simple fact I'm still evolving. I'm still defining being a trans woman.

But no longer being a trans woman defines me.

Quote of the Day

"I prefer to think rationality is subjective on the outcome" Cyrsti Hart

Musically Yours

On the Cyrsti's Condo big screen, here is another transgender transition video from YouTube:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

HRT and the Trans Girl

I came across this video on YouTube (of course) and found it to have some interesting information concerning black market hormones. Here it is on the Cyrsti's Condo big screen:

Trans Feminism

This one of those topics which is certain to raise discussions to an emotional rather than a rational level. I'm sure the rad fem haters and their transgender opponents have been battling about this subject for years.  When you refuse to recognize a transgender or transsexual woman as any sort of a female, feminism is a mute point to many.
Fortunately there are a few younger generation people discussing this. Including this article from the Marshall University student publication:
 "Trans-feminism provides type of feminism specific to transgender individuals".

Here's an excerpt:

"Just like any feminists, trans-women connect with whichever branch of feminism coincides with their lifestyle and personal views. Feminists can be radical or conservative. They can identify as men, women, trans, or anything in between. They can be gay, lesbian, bisexual. A branch of feminism exists for everyone. Therefore, the concept of trans-feminism does not suggest that trans-women cannot be part of regular feminism. It all just depends on which equality ideal most closely reflects their goals, personalized views and lifestyle choices. From what I understand, it is a much more difficult transition from male to female, socially because of societal norms of acceptability. Men dressing, acting or identifying as feminine are often judged more harshly than women doing the opposite. This added difficulty of transition could be one reason behind the need for a different type of feminism. By the same logic, anyone could also identify as trans-feminist regardless of their own gender identity if their motives correspond with those of the trans-feminist community more closely than with any other type of feminism. Many people who do not struggle with gender identity concern themselves with transgender rights and issues because they feel their importance and urgency. Perhaps trans-feminism could be perceived the same way. You don’t have to be transgender to get involved in the fight for their rights as human beings. Trans-feminism defines a branch of feminism that has been much needed in society. Despite feminism’s push for total gender equality, a whole other set of issues entangled transgender individuals. In some cases, they need something more than mainstream feminism can offer."

I have a tendency to agree. In some places trans women are still struggling for voting rights because of ID issues and I shouldn't even have to mention the shameful employment discrimination we all face.  Genetic women may be fighting for equal pay but we are fighting to be hired at all.

This is an interesting look at our world from a concerned outsider. Read it all here.

"Dorkism" Part Two

My friend Shelle  lle" was kind enough to comment on my "Dork" post here in Cysti's Condo and to compliment me. So nice!
As always my overactive noggin began to think about the socialization of our inner our cases mostly girl selves.

To the uninitiated,  females are the warm and fuzzy side of humans.  In reality, their interactions with each other are much more complex than males and often as a group women do have a stronger internal toughness. I found out early on to always be on guard for a negative transphobic public interactions from  women.

What really surprised me though were the negative reactions on line from transsexual women who had gone through SRS.

I try so hard to use these negatives to socialize my inner dork. They are wonderful role models of who not to be.  One problem I do have is a genetic switch of sorts from my Mom to overcome.  Of course I love and respect her for what she was but "warm and fuzzy" does not come to mind. She was a great role model on how not to understand others.

As I throw all these life experiences in a blender (including male ones) hopefully the result will be healthy.
I am a believer in reincarnation and hopefully heading to a higher level after this life.  Hopefully, all this craziness will get me there!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Loving my Inner Dork

I probably am not going out on a huge limb and say many of ourselves grew up not loving our inner transgender selves.

In addition for many more of us, just finding out for sure who our inner "dork" was a huge task. In my own case I find it completely fascinating I know my dork is female orientated but takes my life as a guy and uses him to build from. Along the way she has looked at him and said "really? that was such a stupid guy thing to try".

Along the way though,  writing about my  girl dork has gotten me slammed as "yet another old guy on hormones" to "just an upscale cross dresser". For the record: nothing wrong with either. So get over it and get a life of your own.

Dressing the dork to society's standards is the difficult part. I have mentioned the hormones and my hair length have led me down an increasingly androgynous path but I still live in an area where people have known me for years. I do take the easy way out and let androgyny take it's course rather than put up with the hassle of seeing these people with eyeliner and lip gloss. It just makes me feel a little better knowing I still have enough other problems to worry about and you know? My dork doesn't care. After all she has biding her time for a half century and she can feel the bodily changes going on under my loose clothes.

The bottom line is I'm coming to love my inner dork. So much so I have given her a new label.  Now I call her a feminine "essence" or spirit.   

Certainly her life is getting better as society is picking up a whole new set of clues. We are all just mirrors anyway and society just picks up it's clues from the mirror.  Having softer smoother skin , longer hair and real boobies to work with obviously just makes the process easier.. Plus, it's evident that slowly but surely I'm taking the male props out of the costume for good. Finally,  I'm secure in the fact my female essence will have her day in the sun or mirror...full time.

Perhaps calling her an "essence" rather than a "dork" will make her feel better too?

Horror Scope!

It's a dreary rainy Monday here in Cyrsti's Condo so we are going to part the clouds and gaze at the stars. Here is our weekly "Horror Scope" for Libra's :

(September 23-October 22): An “ah ha!” moment is on its way and will add purpose and focus to your system. While this will hardly seem sexy for anyone else to hear all about now, who cares? This is your time to indulge your inner dork and love it—which means no judgment. After all, this is progress, your progress — so make sure no one rains on your parade!

As luck would have it, I was considering a post on almost the same subject which I will write later.

The "Horror Scope" term is my own and you can go to theFrisky to get yours!

Amanda Lepore

On the Cyrsti's Condo big screen, we are featuring a documentary video featuring the much photographed Amanda Lepore transgender model from NYC:

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Genetic Girl to Transgender Woman?

This is a fascinating study I found during one of my endless surfing trips on the web. From the Huffington Post:

Stunning photos from a 2008 project by artist Charlie White pair teen girls with their transgender adult female doppelgängers. Titled the "Teen and Transgender Comparative Study," White's project is a "a correlation of two stages of transformation, pairing teen girls with like adult male-to-female" transgender women. "I was working on a larger, ongoing project titled 'Girl Studies' at the time," White, who is based on Los Angeles, told HuffPost Gay Voices in an email. "Within that broader idea, the intersection between girls transforming through the biological patterns, and transgender through chemical and surgical processes became very important to me."

For more go here.

Winning Womanless Pageants

Hunter Edwards was named Junior Mr. Miss Ernest Ward Middle School in a womanless beauty pageant Friday night. First runner-up was Jacob Weaver, and second runner-up was Luke Ward. Edwards also received the audience vote People’s Choice Award. For more go here.

Sweet Sarah

From the magic of world wide YouTube comes the story of Sarah on the Cyrsti's Condo big screen:


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cyrsti in Wonderland.

Very few humans have a chance to reinvent themselves-legally of course.
Now it seems for whatever reason, I may have that chance.
I'm not taking any credit. In fact if it wasn't for more than a couple very understanding friends and a family member like my daughter (and another who I consider family) there is no way I would have made it here.

I am a believer in being at the right place at the right time but not in blind luck. Luck is putting yourself in a position to take advantage of a situation.
But, on the other hand as you probably know by now I'm also a huge believer in Karma. Sooner more than later life has giveth and taketh away for me. I went through the dark years of no transgender information at all to tons of it now. Plus, when I was growing up it's possible I could have been arrested for even dressing as a girl in public. Now I pretty much have my own regular mainstream spots I'm accepted in. I could go on and on with examples.

Now the sky is the limit. I still have to get my ears pierced before the summer but past that I'm thinking of picking up yoga and even belly dancing. In other words, I'm really starting to embrace this reinvention idea.

I think the biggest problem with doing all of this later in life is the subconscious idea I can't do it somehow. Of course we all know the first sign of failure is thinking you can't do something. Anyway you cut it, living 50 years fighting my gender issues with every fiber of my being is tough to change. We've talked about the practice of muscle memory here in Cyrsti's Condo. My challenge now is to embrace every challenge coming and think yes I can do that!

So this reinvention thing I think an invention in itself (give that some thought) The end result is I'm just being me. On the other hand this whole idea just fires up my imagination.

Maybe I should start a short story called "Cyrsti in Wonderland"? Nah! I have nothing to wear!

Sweet Candy

Several years ago Columbus and The Ohio State University hosted a huge Andy Warhol exhibit which even encouraged guests to come in drag one of the days! I was fairly certain I would never see a public invitation like that in my life.
Of course I thought I knew quite a bit about Warhol's story and work but came away from the exhibit thinking I knew very little.

Many photographers have documented the Warhol 1970's era in New York City but not with the stark black and white quality of a man we have mentioned here in Cyrsti's Condo before- Peter Hujar 
He was an openly gay man who lived during the AIDS crisis.  Hujar photographed transsexuals, drag queens and icons of gay community.  The portraits have been compiled into an exhibit at the Pace/MacGill Gallery in NYC. Hujar died at the age of 53 in November 1987 of complications from AIDS.

To our left is the classic "death bed" picture of transsexual icon Candy Darling by Hujar.

For more of Hujar's other work go here.

Inspirational Story

Some transgender video's need no introduction this You Tube presentation is simply inspirational:

Friday, March 8, 2013

Transsexual Journey

As you know, recently I have tried to pass along relevant videos here in Cyrsti's Condo. Here is "Jessica's Story:"


Take the Long Way Home

Perhaps some of you remember the old Super Tramp song "Take the Long Way Home" released in October of 1979.

I had to drop off an item in Northern Ohio today so I had time to listen to some classic rock and remember the "good old days" - some of which weren't so good. As I zoned out and listed to the Super Tramp song, I remembered the confusion I was suffering.
Here's a portion of the lyrics explaining why this song resonated with me:

"So you think you're a Romeo playing a part in a picture-show Take the long way home Take the long way home Cos you're the joke of the neighborhood Why should you care if you're feeling good Take the long way home Take the long way home But there are times that you feel you're part of the scenery all the greenery is comin' down, boy
And then your wife seems to think you're part of the furniture oh, it's peculiar, she used to be so nice. When lonely days turn to lonely nights you take a trip to the city lights And take the long way home Take the long way home You never see what you want to see Forever playing to the gallery You take the long way home Take the long way home "

I certainly felt if my deep dark gender secret was to come out, I would be the joke of the neighborhood. I was playing to the gallery and I did my best to be part of the male scenery. All the time I knew how close the greenery was to coming down. Much of my answer to all of this was alcohol and I don't hesitate to say I was lucky to make it through that time in my life. More than likely one of the only reasons I did was my second wife who I was with for 27 years who saw some sort of positive light inside me that I couldn't even see.

If you have been a regular visitor to Cyrsti's Condo you know she passed away over five years ago and I credit her with being the transgender person I am today.  So many times, I read the pain and suffering from other transgender folks and feel totally helpless. Obviously words can only go so far. I just hope all of you can successfully take the long way home.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cyrsti's Condo Sports Desk

Fallon Fox
Yesterday we passed along a post about Fallon Fox who came out recently as a transsexual MMA fighter.
Today a story emerged about a transgender volleyball player in San Francisco:

Peachy Tablilos

"Peachy Tabilos says she's long known two things for certain: in her heart she was born to be a woman, and she was born to pay volleyball. These days that means playing volleyball on the City College of San Francisco men's club team. "I identify as a woman," Tabilos told the Bay Area Reporter recently. "I've always dressed like a girl. My family has been supportive, especially with my mom: she was very supportive. She loves me for who I am. And my friends – they push me to do whatever I want." And what Tabilos, 21, wants is to play volleyball. Although she identifies as a woman, she has not gone through sex reassignment procedures and therefore is not currently eligible to play on the women's team. "I really would like to have the chance to play for a women's team someday, but for now I am happy to play with the men," Tabilos said. Happy because she's found a home on a squad of supportive teammates."

My sport's desk editorial is we have only seen the tip of the iceberg as far as transgender or transsexual athletes go from the pro ranks down. Sooner more than later a major pro athlete will come out as trans.

Until that time the athletes which have been appearing mainly in the college ranks will certainly open the doors for others!

For more on the Peachy Tabilos story go here.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Transsexual Migrations

"Kristina was born 33 years ago as a boy, but in her teens she realized she was at odds with her body. She has been thinking of sex change since 16, but not until four years ago, after moving to Germany, did she start doing something about it. In Lithuania, sex change operations are impossible because there are no laws governing them. “I was told I needed therapy, they suggested I had my head examined. There was so much mockery before... About locking me in a mental hospital, testing and curing like a lab rat. But it is not a disease, a person is simply born in a wrong body,” she explains."

For more on Kristina and Lithuanian transgender law, go here.

Transsexual MMA Fighting

I suppose you can say in our own small way we all fight for our right to be transgender or transsexual or even human. Then again there are those that REALLY fight for it.
Read on:

Fallon Fox: center
"Fallon Fox is bracing herself for controversy, and as the first on-record transgender female fighter in mixed martial arts, she's going to get plenty of it. On Monday, the 37-year-old Fox (2-0) revealed exclusively to that she's a transgender fighter -- the first on record, male or female, to compete in the combat sport. Fox won her second professional bout with a 39-second knockout (via knee) last Saturday at Championship Fighting Alliance 10 in Coral Gables, Fla. Fox, who underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2006 along with the supplemental hormonal therapy, is scheduled to fight again for the CFA on April 20 in the semifinals of its eight-woman featherweight tournament. However, Fox's license approval is now under investigation with Florida's Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation."

For more go here.

June 2010

In June of 2010 I barely knew what a blog was but after a couple of learning experiences and name changes, Cyrsti's Condo was built. Then after a half a million visits later, here we are.

I emphasize we and you. Little did I know how much of a living breathing kid this blog would become.Over the years it was different and interesting to be able to share my transgender path which at times I had no idea where the path was!

Interestingly, this post is harder to write than the first one. I can't tell you how many times have been honored, humbled and yes aggravated over the past months.

Going forward I can only pass along a few certainties. First and foremost...thanks to all of you for visiting!
Secondly, much of the future is just as vague as the past was. Hopefully we can all be together for the ride!

What Would Jimmy Say?

I'm a huge Jimmy Buffet fan and every summer in nearby Cincinnati, he still puts on one of the premier party concerts of the summer. One of my fondest desires this summer is to transition far enough to go and have a great time. In the meantime I found this YouTube video which features Buffet's signature hit and several beautiful transsexual women:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Double Identity

Check this cute well done YouTube video on the Cyrsti's Condo big screen:


Pulling the Pony's Tail

Yesterday as I was busily measuring myself for a bra here in Cyrsti's Condo,   I was actually able to figure a length on my pony tail.

One of the reasons I decided to do it  yesterday was I became positively entranced with brushing my pony tail off my back. Another transgender hormonal treat I never thought I would experience years ago. the nice part is I just hope my hair stays a wonderful new toy to me.

Measuring the length of my toy however wasn't easy for a less than coordinated person such as me.  I had to hold a mirror, look into another and hold the tape measure. I finally came to a four inch plus long pony tail. After all that work, I decided to play with a new hair style which included the pony tail. I shaped strands of hair around my face and basically kept my bangs the way they were; straight forward over my forehead. The goal of course is covering those pesky age wrinkles. I think my style was new and presentable and looked good with a pair of large silver earrings.

Before you are screaming about pictures -  my problem playing with my hair is duplicating a style. If I can do it again I promise I will send along a picture.

The nice part is the overall length of my hair is down to the middle of my shoulder blades and I am totally looking ahead to warmer weather. Perhaps not the furnace of my first summer on HRT but not the freezer of this winter. At any rate, I'm looking forward to being able to experiment with summer hair which is pulled back. As I have been told, I have thick hair so the goal is to be able to play with it in ways I haven't even figured out yet.

All you rural girls certainly know there is a certain risk to pulling a pony's tail. In this case it all has seemed to be worth the risk.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Busting a B

Finally it's becoming evident the hormones are beginning to gain more and more ground in my quest for bigger breasts.
Over the years my bras have been more of a "hit and miss" effort. much was determined by the size "d" breast forms I've owned for years.  Anyway you cut it, I'm a big girl and bigger breasts should come with the package to fill out my figure.
Now though it is time to actually measure my body and find what cup size I have developed to over the last 16 months or so on HRT. Here's a chart I used:

After I used a cloth tape measure and measured around my chest below my breasts and then around the fullest part of them and took the difference, it turned out to be just under 2 inches.

On the chart the difference in Your Standard Cup Size was:

AA.- 0" to 1/2" (1.3cm)
A.- 1/2"- 1" (2.6 cm)
B.- 2" (5.1 cm)
C.- 3"  (7.6 cm)  
D.-  4" (10.2 cm)

Naturally (no pun intended) I was happy with the results. I felt I was filling out a full "A" cup but never a "B" yet. As I have mentioned, supposedly my mother's genetics have a lot to do with this process. She was well endowed so I hope I can eventually develop to a full "C" on the hormones alone.
As with most women, I also have a Spring diet in my future and a plan to lighten my hair this summer with my stylist. Hopefully the warm months will be fun!!!!

"Horror Scope"

Let's pause for a second and gaze at the stars. Yes kids,  it's time for another "Horror Scope" here in Cyrsti's Condo!

 Libra:(September 23-October 22): Being motivated to deal with your responsibilities will come in small fits first, then sudden bursts and then it’ll die out. So, learn how to pace yourself, as it’s your ticket to paradise. You can have it all, but only if you stay efficient, focused and strong. Yes, every day will have an uphill climb, but there is a point to all of this and soon you will see the tip of its apex.

This "scope" is interesting in that I'm terrible at structure and finishing projects. Approximately a week ago I decided to put my oft mentioned book project my front burner again. It's a vintage me project. I have it written. I just have to structure it and finish.
Who knows? Maybe it is my ticket to paradise (or a free ticket to an Eddie Money concert). Staying efficient, focused and strong indeed may just prove the apex ( or the light at the end of the tunnel)  isn't the train!

"Horror Scope" is my term.  Go to theFrisky for your scope here.

Man Up

I am fortunate to call a couple trans men my friends and one of them has started performing as a "Drag King".

Recently it seems the Drag King culture is gaining publicity and I can see why after a few performances I have seen. As with drag queens I just don't believe a great majority of drag kings are trans.  So with all due respects to transgender men,  I'm  going to pass along an article from The Independent called "Man Up". Here's an excerpt written about Holly Williams Drag King adventure:

"The doorbell rings. I hesitate, then head down the stairs to answer it, taking them at a wide-legged stomp, a goatee sprouting a shade too darkly from my chin, a bulge between my legs. It's not the only thing bulging – when I answer the door to the unwitting postman, his eyes fairly stand out on stalks. "Er, flat two?" "Yep," I growl. "Mrs Holly Williams?" he asks, flustered. Confirming my identity with the barest grunt (it's 'Ms' actually, but I think he's got enough gender confusion to contend with without a lesson in semantics), I grapple the large package – quiet in the back! – with manful ease. Back in my flat, I fall about laughing, but I may have just made Lenna Cumberbatch a little bit proud. She's a drag king – a woman who performs masculinity – and she's been helping me find my alternative male persona, donning men's clothing, sticking hair on my face and socks down my pants, as well as teaching me how to walk, stand and speak. I don't think I convinced the postie, but by the end of an hour playing around, Cumberbatch does say, "I think you could pass".

I'm am just fascinated about why any woman would want to present male as I am sure genetic women are about us!

Read more here.

Carmen Carrera

Carmen is a fairly well known name in the transsexual community and even was featured on a "What Would you Do" show where she was abused as a transgender server to see how the public would react. Here's a 2013 YouTube video on the Cyrsti'sCondo vid viewer:

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Morning Reset

Nearly all of my working life I have worked Sundays so now having a Sunday morning with essentially nothing to do is still special and I assume it always will be.  From my paper route to a radio DJ gig to many years in the restaurant business working Sunday was never an option.

These days, since I'm semi retired people think I'm kicking back and doing my nails. Ironically, I have had to set a day off up from posting vintage items I sell to my three shops, organizing my book and contributing to Cyrsti's Condo. 

What that means is I get a chance to reset on Sunday morning and step back and look at my life, my gender transition and plan into the future.

This morning in my part of the world, March ( per norm) is refusing to give any ground to Spring and the snow is flying. Plus I live in one of the old Midwest Ohio "rust belt" towns which is finally making a transition of it's own. I'm always interested in driving around and seeing the non preservable old and ugly giving way to inner urban land to be developed. I'm a history freak and I am not always sure new is good. In this sense it is.

If you are considering the transgender path, the same could be good for you.  I'm often asked about an inner transition from cross dresser to transgender or even transsexual. Of course there are the "easy out" crowd who think you are placed in the trans trilogy at birth and any deviation from CD to TG to TS is blasphemy. In my mind those individuals are as narrow minded and stuck in the past as the traditional gender binary  male and female believers are.  If you are similar to me, you have spent years trying to figure out just what you are. Moving dirt and building new ideas in your noggin.

So this Sunday reset for me is time to look at my gender reconstruction so far and glancing at the blue prints of the future. My problem is I have never been good at reading blueprints. I have been good at charging ahead to test the waters. Another test is coming towards the end of April when I do a workshop on "Transitioning Later in Life" at Trans Ohio in Columbus. I'm honored and humbled to have been chosen and the last thing I want to do is mess it up and I won't. As we all know though, there is a huge difference in the written and spoken word. So I'm a "jabberer" and have to be careful I'm making sense.  Plus, the last thing I want to do is be a role model instead of an example. I am an example of my personal transgender history and as you know I am not shy about communicating it. Learning anything from my experience is a huge positive. Following the same path to get there may not be.

In the meantime,I will have to rely on my "resets". I know my heavy moving is over and perhaps the reconstruction will go as long as I'm allowed to be on this Earth. I just hope I can chose the right paint colors.