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Fallon Fox
Yesterday we passed along a post about Fallon Fox who came out recently as a transsexual MMA fighter.
Today a story emerged about a transgender volleyball player in San Francisco:

Peachy Tablilos

"Peachy Tabilos says she's long known two things for certain: in her heart she was born to be a woman, and she was born to pay volleyball. These days that means playing volleyball on the City College of San Francisco men's club team. "I identify as a woman," Tabilos told the Bay Area Reporter recently. "I've always dressed like a girl. My family has been supportive, especially with my mom: she was very supportive. She loves me for who I am. And my friends – they push me to do whatever I want." And what Tabilos, 21, wants is to play volleyball. Although she identifies as a woman, she has not gone through sex reassignment procedures and therefore is not currently eligible to play on the women's team. "I really would like to have the chance to play for a women's team someday, but for now I am happy to play with the men," Tabilos said. Happy because she's found a home on a squad of supportive teammates."

My sport's desk editorial is we have only seen the tip of the iceberg as far as transgender or transsexual athletes go from the pro ranks down. Sooner more than later a major pro athlete will come out as trans.

Until that time the athletes which have been appearing mainly in the college ranks will certainly open the doors for others!

For more on the Peachy Tabilos story go here.