Deliverance Remembered

If you remember the less than flattering images of Appalachian culture in the motion picture "Deliverance", you will know where I'm coming from in this post.

This morning I was out doing heavy man type work. I'm working on moving and I have a lot of dirty lifting to do.  Part of my work today was taking advantage of a spring day and taking laundry to the local laundromat down the street. Then saving on electric by hanging it outside to dry.

Of course I don't seem to handle boredom well and as I was filling my laundry basket with my wash, I passed this woman, a man and a kid who looked as if they were off spring of first cousins or closer...really! The woman kept staring at me...flat out glaring at times. I was thinking what the hell was her problem and checked out her crew as I left with my wash. She was busily laughing and talking to the man with a look I've seen so many times before... Hey! Look what I saw, a man cross dressed as a woman. The only problem was-I wasn't this time.

Oh well, if you have seen Deliverance, you know I was waiting for the Banjo music to start!