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Monday, February 26, 2024

Warhol Revisited

Actress Candy Darling 

Years ago, I joined several transgender friends for a short drive to The Ohio State University for an exhibit they were hosting on the works of  Andy Warhol. 

To begin with I made the decision to not wear heels like most of the other friends I went with.  Since I had some sort of an idea of where the exhibit would be on the spacious Ohio State campus the decision saved me quite a bit of pain. While my friends were crippled, I was comfortable in my flats. Probably, most importantly, I was able to enjoy most all of Warhol's varied works I saw, not just his transgender followers.  

Such as, at the time, we knew of the connections between transgender women and Warhol. Specifically the beautiful trans actress "Candy Darling" who tragically died at the age of thirty from lymphoma in New York City. Not being totally into the Warhol at the time, I really had no idea of everything the artist was into. The exhibit was massive and quickly a few of my friends seemed to be getting bored. So much, to my chagrin one of the trans women flashed the world on an escalator between floors when I was immediately behind her. Fortunately, no one seemed to notice her obscene act and no harm was done. From then on, I kept my distance since the exhibit's audience included many kids. As far as the public was concerned, they were not paying us any attention and I wanted to keep it that way.

From then on my bored trans friends decided upon leaving Warhol behind and going to a nearby gay venue. Following my experience with one of the women at the exhibit, I wondered how she would act following a couple of drinks so I did my best to again distance myself from her at the bar. Plus, I knew from my experiences in male gay venues, most of the other clientele would not be interested in her and her new genitals anyhow. 

From then on, since we had nearly a forty five minute drive home from Ohio State, we didn't stay too long and headed for home.

Far from being any sort of an art critic at all, I was surprised how interested I was in the entire collection of Warhol's work. As far as the rest of the transgender women I went with, I never saw a couple of them again and just stayed in contact with Racquel who I mention here fairly often. I always respected her for her trans journey to living an authentic life. 

If I had the chance, I would revisit Warhol again and I am sure my wife Liz would also. She is much more an appreciator of the arts than I am. Sadly today, with my mobility issues, I would struggle to enjoy his work again.    


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Andy Warhol

Candy Darling Warhol Model
Several years ago I was able to view a very large collection of artist Andy Warhol's work at The Ohio State University. So large, it almost would have taken more than one visit to do it justice. Recently I received an invite that I thought I would pass along to all of you:

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sweet Candy

Several years ago Columbus and The Ohio State University hosted a huge Andy Warhol exhibit which even encouraged guests to come in drag one of the days! I was fairly certain I would never see a public invitation like that in my life.
Of course I thought I knew quite a bit about Warhol's story and work but came away from the exhibit thinking I knew very little.

Many photographers have documented the Warhol 1970's era in New York City but not with the stark black and white quality of a man we have mentioned here in Cyrsti's Condo before- Peter Hujar 
He was an openly gay man who lived during the AIDS crisis.  Hujar photographed transsexuals, drag queens and icons of gay community.  The portraits have been compiled into an exhibit at the Pace/MacGill Gallery in NYC. Hujar died at the age of 53 in November 1987 of complications from AIDS.

To our left is the classic "death bed" picture of transsexual icon Candy Darling by Hujar.

For more of Hujar's other work go here.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Pejic Meets Warhol

As with many others, it seems we can't get enough of super model Andrej Pejic here in Cyrsti's Condo.

Recently we posted his new cover of the Serbian Elle and even briefly discussed him in a comment response from Gina.
Now he has surfaced in a fashion feature for the luxury magazine DuJour.  Not that Pejic doesn't look stunning in everything he does, but this feature channels Andrej recreating the looks of several Andy Warhol icons. Of course one can only speculate how intrigued Warhol would be with Pejic if he was alive today. 
"Candy Darling"

Here's an excerpt from DuJour from Glenn O'Brien (who actually knew Warhol): "Andrej is as pretty as Candy, although I’m not sure who is the more feminine character. Being feminine was definitely harder for a boy in the old days." He also goes on to state: "Andy would have been fascinated by Andrej. He liked pretty boys, and he liked boys who could impersonate girls. Andy thought boys made the best actresses because they could be more objective about femininity, and they didn’t have to worry so much about being politically correct in one’s femininity."

There are a couple more pictures and more for you by following the DuJour link above.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Candy Anyone?

"Candy Darling  and Jeremiah Newton"
Photo by Francis Ng.

A new documentary film on the life of the "Warhol" superstar "Candy Darling" is being released.
Unfortunately in my conservative part of the world, I don't see any locations listed.
Nearby Columbus was a little of a surprise. With a large gay community and the former host to a fabulous "Warhol" exhibit, I thought there might be a chance!

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