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 There are many reactions I have encountered over the years here in Cyrsti's Condo. The most memorable being "Just another old guy on hormones." When I wrote on starting hormone replacement therapy.  Recently, "The Cat Lady" commented on another reaction...giggles: "I'm sorry but you made me giggle when you talked about learning the ways of the bra. I guess since I've worn bras, off and on, since I was in my teens, I don't even think about it anymore. For me, it's like putting on a blouse, a tight fitting tee shirt or stretch jeans. You feel it at first but not until later in the day do you feel it again. Yes, I still feel the restriction at times but in reality it all depends on the bra. Now on to you mentioning about cup sizes. I learned a long time ago that when transitioning our breasts will usually only develop to one cup size smaller than our mother's size. I am a C cup and my mother was a DD cup. But here's a little insight in

Attack of the "Moobs"

The fall season is here in my part of the world and before the cold weather really gets here, I had to get this post "off my chest." Around here, we have quite a few of obese guys and thus "moobs" - man boobs.  Excuse my insensitivity here, but "white trash" individuals are alive and well where I live.  Not to be outdone by the white trash girls who put the "belly" in belly shirts men are now putting the "moobs" in t-shirts. The proliferation of moobs around here led me to question my own girls.  Was HRT truly a better choice over bunches of fast food double bacon cheese burgers, if I wanted breast development? How fair is it for the guy in line ahead of me to have a bigger set of "girls"? I'm kidding of course about all of this.  The more HRT works it wonders on me, the changes do keep occurring with the girls.  I can't tell you I will be crushing the "D" cup zone anytime soon, but what is happening no

Bra Ban Bucket List

Have you read the Milwaukee bra ban has been lifted and now the city is busting out? Or were they just a bunch of boobs anyhow? OK, enough already! First, here is part of the story from Yahoo News: "The Milwaukee bra ban has been lifted, which means these articles of underwear can hang from the rafters once again at a local bar. Bras were banned in Milwaukee, but this didn't mean the town was full of women bouncing along the sidewalk, the bra ban only pertained to a bar. This unique drinking establishment is a place where bras dangle off the ceiling as a tradition that has gone on for about a half of a century, according to the Inquistr on May 18, 2013. The Holler House, an establishment that's been in operation for about 100 years, began a tradition about 45 years ago, where women started filling up the ceiling with bras." I can now rest easier! The bra ban was certainly one of my top topics to worry about along with the North Koreans and global warming. Ac

Busting a B

Finally it's becoming evident the hormones are beginning to gain more and more ground in my quest for bigger breasts. Over the years my bras have been more of a "hit and miss" effort. much was determined by the size "d" breast forms I've owned for years.  Anyway you cut it, I'm a big girl and bigger breasts should come with the package to fill out my figure. Now though it is time to actually measure my body and find what cup size I have developed to over the last 16 months or so on HRT. Here's a chart I used: After I used a cloth tape measure and measured around my chest below my breasts and then around the fullest part of them and took the difference, it turned out to be just under 2 inches. On the chart the difference in Your Standard Cup Size was: AA.- 0" to 1/2" (1.3cm) A.- 1/2"- 1" (2.6 cm) B.- 2" (5.1 cm) C.- 3"  (7.6 cm)   D.-  4" (10.2 cm) Naturally (no pun intended) I was happy with the result

The "Three P's"

Every once in awhile these stray thoughts run through my noggin and I have to put them down in words before they go into the huge never-never land of my brain. I don't get into the topic of presentation much here at all for various reasons.  I believe one person's successful presentation is another's dismal failure number one and number two most of us follow a progression of moving past presentation  into perception.  We are who we are. That is not  to say you should ignore the basic styles and fashion of the gender we are moving into. After all that can be the fun part! When you totally perceive yourself to be your gender of choice then you are home free with most of the public. They know it's not just dressing up for you if you are wearing your new heels or that new tie (for you trans guys). Male India actor with a great example of softening the male triangle.  Long straight hair  over the shoulders and of course the breasts which become the focal point of t

Where's That Soapbox?

As you probably have determined, I have a soap box with me at all times. I jump up on it to preach or whine. Or maybe a big ax to grind would be a great description too! It's tough to make these great fashion accessories and I feel both just make me a victim. (Which I hate.) Actually, life is good.  Summer in my part of the world has allowed me to pursue fashion styles I was never able to try. (Work prevented me from showing up with suddenly hairless arms.) I've even been able to slowly coerce a little color out of my very fair skin. Interestingly, I have been able to "jender jump" without apprehension or fear to help family or friends. I can't or don't want to jump much. If I wanted to be a guy, I certainly would have found something less stressful to do with my life than crossing gender boundaries. On the other hand, what's left of any male strength I have left has helped family and friends. Now that I have a stable concrete transition timetable sa