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Transgender "Glee"

This is not a new story except for here in Cyrsti's Condo. Last season the hit television show "Glee" introduced a part time transgender character " Unique" : "Wade Unique Adams" "After dealing heavily with gay themes since its debut, ‘Glee‘ is finally taking on the issues that transgender teens face. In the episode, ‘Saturday Night Glee-ver,’ we were introduced to Unique: a transgender character who is coming to terms with her identity. Unique, part of the show choir Vocal Adrenaline, approaches Mercedes and Kurt as a young man named Wade (played by Alex from ‘The Glee Project‘) who wants to wear a dress on stage and unveil his flashy alter ego. It appears at first that he came to the right place, to take advice from two of the show’s bravest characters. But even Kurt, it seems, has a lot to learn. When Kurt advises Wade not to become Unique on stage, it is evident that he doesn’t understand what trans people go through. “You identify as