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Transsexual and Naked in Korea?

 From  ChosunIlbo:     " Lady, the world's first manufactured transgender band, are releasing a nude photo album. Countless female stars have taken it off for the camera, but this is the first time in Korea that a band of transssexuals will be appearing in what are no longer their birthday suits." Here's the interesting part: "Starting with the provocative title -- "Women, reflect!" - the album throws down the gauntlet to born women, with the implication that all of these former men have worked so hard on their bodies that they can now stand comparison with internationally famous models. Indeed, one of Lady's members, Sahara, came fourth in an international transgender beauty contest, while Shinae has done commercials."  I have posted another picture in Cyrsti's Condo Kitchen! Note! The "manufactured transgender band" comment is a quote. Are the Koreans manufacturing transgender peeps in a "Kia" car plant? If