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Friday, May 31, 2013

Out and About

Cody (center) and friends
Congrats to another young transgender woman breaking the trans barrier and being elected prom queen at her school!

Cody Tubman, 18, who is graduating Saturday,will be Middleboro School's  first transgender student to become prom queen. Earlier,  Tubman said she felt she had a good chance of winning, but was still surprised when it was announced at the dance on Tuesday night. “It feels really good because when I was younger I looked up to Jeffree Star,” a transgender singer-songwriter, Tubman said. “It’s great that other kids might hear about this and feel more comfortable with who they are,” she added.

You can go here for more on the story, just ignore the younger sister's comments when she mis pronouns her sister twice in the same sentence.

Finding your Happy Place

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