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Transgender Formula

Every once in a while here in Cyrsti's Condo I like to discuss the powerful role of the mirror in the life of a transgender person. The big problems with mirrors are they are pathological liars. They can only do what you want them to do. As you become lost in the eyes of that bewitching creature looking back at you in the mirror-in mere moments you can become just as lost out and about in an unforgiving public. Let's call the process trans-physics. Mirrors and pictures are one dimensional. I have a friend who critiques the most attractive Flickr and YouTube cross dressing pictures and videos he can find. Rightly or wrongly, he uses other objects in the scenes to judge (among other things) the size of the person. Certainly the majority of us born with a taller, thicker body. No problem, we  can use any number of photo tools to be one dimensionally attractive. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that until you walk out the door. At that point you have moved into advanced

The Cross Dresser as an Artist

One of the labels which seems to be lost in today's fast paced cyber world is female impersonator. Over the weekend, a friend of mine sent me a couple of simply horrid cross dressing video's which have caused me nightmares. Most of you know I love to connect the dots. In this case, the difference in the closeted cross dressers who excel at the art form and those who don't are the dots. First of all I know all of us are not created equal. All of us who played football in our past I'm sure now admire those guys with slim builds. (Yes I did play on the defensive line) That's just the beginning. As one of the young transgender college students recently wrote "who teaches a 14 year old boy how to use makeup"? Take it a step farther "who teaches a 35 year old cross dresser"? On YouTube ...sometimes no one. But other times you can see the sheer artistry some put into their obsession. You can read in their profiles they are closeted and are part t