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Friday, September 28, 2012

A Picture Behind the Story

By now I'm sure you heard the story of "Good Ol Boy Judge Bill Graves" in Oklahoma:

Oklahoma County District Judge Bill Graves on Aug. 30 refused to let James Dean Ingram, 29, of Oklahoma City, have the name Angela Renee Ingram. Ingram told the judge in a petition the reason for the name change request was “transition from male to female.” Ingram said the judge stated, “You can't change what God gave you.”

Bill,  I guess you can't change the fact that God neglected to give you a brain.
The good news is: The American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma on Thursday appealed a judge's refusal to let an Oklahoma City man planning on a sex change to have a feminine name.

I thought we all would love to know what this guy looks like, where he hides his dresses and some pertinent phone numbers:

District Judge Bailiff: Rebecca, 405-713-1456
Clerk: Diedre, 405-713-1455
 Court Reporter: Alexa, 405-713-1468

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