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Sunday, June 7, 2015

I'm Hurt

Last week, I wrote a post here in Cyrsti's Condo about a "day trip" vacation Liz and I took to Ripley, Ohio and Augusta. Kentucky. Augusta is just a short small ferry boat ride across the river. I wrote at the time (I paraphrase) "Augusta was/is a charming sleepy little Ohio River town. As it turned out I was wrong. Augusta was just sleeping that afternoon after the CSX coal train rolled through and we ate lunch. My apologies to Augusta. Turns out I missed all the action.

0605-amal-george-clooney-splashNow, fast forward to this week and I saw a story on a Cincinnati television station about movie star George Clooney and new wife Amal visiting George's childhood home in Augusta. Now, I knew George grew up in Northern Kentucky, but never knew exactly where and he still has immediate family there.

According to TMZ, George put out the big money and treated new wife Amal to "Poor Man's Pie."

I'm hurt because no one mistook me for Amal when I was there. Must have been the accent?

Friday, April 10, 2015

J Edgar and the White House Potty?

Quite the amount of activity going on to write about here in Cyrsti's Condo-much different than not so long ago when I used to primarily write about what I was wearing or how much passing privilege I thought I had.

First, there is the deal about the Prez coming out against gay and,or transgender conversion therapy and the announcement trans visitors to the White House would no longer have to pee in the bushes outside. (Wouldn't have to worry about the Secret Service these days.) Of course, the "more mature" (Connie) among us sent in a comment about former FBI Director (heavily rumored to be gay and even managed to toss a heel at Zoey Tur:

"The FBI building used to have a transgender-friendly restroom, but it was only for J. Edgar's use. 

I think that conversion therapy is, as you say, a brain washing technique - based on creating guilt. For many of us, guilt has done more to mess us up than any closet-full of ladies clothing ever did. I do subscribe to a 12-step therapy, however, where I believe a transgender woman should have to be able to walk, in a decidedly feminine manner, for a minimum of 12 steps in 4" heels before going out in public. Unfortunately, Zoey Tur did not get my memo."

Speaking of the media crowd, the upcoming barrage of television programming led by B. Jenner should be interesting. Not so sure if any of it will do the average transgender person just trying to get by in society any good. I want to see all of the shows address the issue of restrooms in our society. The one spot where society most wants to try to draw a line in the sand against the transgender community? Being the Biblical scholar I am not-I am still fairly sure restroom usage was not a priority for the Apostles. Then again, they weren't from Florida?

At the least though, we won't be  bored and was TMZ right when they speculated Bruce Jenner had a boob job under that big hot hoodie?  I am sure Zoey Tur needs something else to miss-speculate about.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Cyrsti's Condo "Trashy Trans Bitch" of the Year?

Transgender woman Ava Sabrina London (left) has to be right up there!

She is the one who allegedly hooked up with white trash ex playmate Kendra Wilkinson's hubby Hank Baskett when she was preggers.

That's what Hank gets when a plastic "babe" is on the prowl looking for PR and he has had toooo much tequila.

Hey, at the least, he couldn't knock her up too!

Wow! I kind of like this gossip re-reporting! Where are you TMZ!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jerry "Springs" Forward Past Rude

Did you see this?

 In a surprising move, controversial daytime talk show host Jerry Springer has announced that he will no longer be using the word "tranny" on his show. In an interview with TMZ, Springer responded to criticism over a recent episode of The Jerry Springer Show titled "Trannies Twerk It Out," telling the gossip site, "I've just been educated." "I won't use that term," Springer continued. "I honestly had no idea that you're not supposed to use that term, so now we'll find another term to use."

That's his excuse and it's great he has dumped the term.  Now what about the transpobic Rude Paul?  The obnoxious cis gay man is still carrying the banner saying it's OK to use a gender slur.

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