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Monday, June 1, 2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Media Mania

First of all, you all know what I have thought about Bruce Jenner. However, I did see one of his coming out shows last night-his sit down conversation (tear jerker) with former wife Kris. And, I do know there are certain backstories which do or don't play in with me. But last night most did. Now, I did take what I saw last night at face value (no pun intended) and the story which played out between the two last night was ripped from the one which played out between my (deceased) wife and I.

Honesty, courage and communication ended up being our sticking points and I will admit I just couldn't "man up" and tell her how I really felt. I just didn't want to lose everything in life I held dear and wanted to have it both ways before I jumped off the gender cliff. I don't believe Jenner ever said it but the whole deal nearly killed me.

Also in the media recently has been the whole coming up story of the Duggar "19 and Counting Show" which has been cancelled on the TLC Network. In a classic "Bitch slap" Momma Karma beat up on Michelle Duggar who called transgender women child molesters and pedophiles in a recent anti LGBT campaign in her home state of Arkansas. Then, her son turns out to be the real deal pedophile with at least five underage girls including a couple sisters. Yes, the clan even knew of his molestations.

The whole story makes me sick from the 19 kids all the way to connections with Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. I went an immediately took a shower with lye soap after hearing all of this.

Finally,former Defense Secretary Robert Gates (now head of the Boy Scouts) said the Boy Scouts ban on Gay Adult Scout Leaders is "not sustainable" and needs to change from within. My daughters family is a huge scouting family (boy and girl) and of course support LGBTQ leaders and are very happy with this!!!!

Quite the week!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Transgender Time Line

Thanks to Bobbie for passing along this link to a wonderful New York Times article called Increasingly Visible, Transgender Americans Defy Stereotypes.

From the article:   "Transgender women and transgender men have gone from marginal to trendy,” according to Susan Stryker, an associate professor at the University of Arizona, of the study of gender identity. Earlier this year , Ms. Stryker started TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, the first publication of its kind."

Christine Jorgensen 

We all know though, the road has been long and hard. And- before you go out and spend big money on your new trendy wardrobe it's always good to take a look at where we have come from and never forget where we have to get to.

The last time I looked, most of us STILL don't enjoy the basic rights of all other American's. Hell, we still can't even serve in the military.

All in all though, I even have to give Bruce Jenner some credit here. After all, we know at the least he will have a trendy wardrobe. 

Cross Dressers and Wives

In many ways, this is an "equal time" post here in Cyrsti's Condo. It's for all of you who identify as cross dressers.   

Through Tasi Zuriak and an e-mail she passed along- I can pass along (no pun intended) news about a new feature in the Huffington Post. It's written by Terri Lee Ross and called How to Tell Your Wife you are a Cross dresser. Here is an excerpt:

"Conflicted over your cross-dressing habit, you try to make peace with it and quit attempting to figure out why you have this desire to wear woman's clothing. Your therapist says you are normal, so why can't you tell anyone about your desire to dress and let your femme self out for others to see? The one person you want to share your femme self with is your wife, the mother of your children, your best friend and partner in life.
Yet, you don't know how to tell her. You are afraid she will abandon you or look badly on your behavior, thinking it is a sexual fetish that she wants no part of, when dressing is something that you were born with and a part of you that is begging to be exposed.
According to Sister House, a popular site for cross-dressers, about 70% of their audience have expressed that they have told their wives. The other 30% are still hiding in the shadows wanting to come out and share their femme self."
Follow the link for the rest of a great post that I can certainly relate to. Of course my situation was different because I told my wife before we were married. Over the course of a 25 year marriage and before she departed this world-the problem with me was dishonesty.  As I began to come to grips with being transgender, I was dishonest with myself and her.  She always made it very clear if I wanted to live as a woman, that's cool but we would just part as friends. So I tried to have it both ways (or hide it) which didn't work.
Finally, I just have to be a little snarky and point out when you do talk to your spouse-very quickly into the conversation, add in "Relax dear, I'm not like Bruce Jenner."

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

Ker Plunk! Good morning and another Sunday Edition of the Cyrsti's Condo has hit your virtual front porch! Our weather here in O-H-I-O is slightly overcast and muggy so summer is definitely on the way -so last get started!

Page One.- The Week that Was - or Wasn't:  During the past seven days or so, again we seem to be slowing down a bit from the barrage of publicity stemming from Bruce Jenner. My opinion has always been Jenner, Zoey Tur and the rest of the Hollywood crowd which show up on my doorstep on television are just a little too slippery for my liking. I have been surprised though how many civilians I have interacted with who don't think that way. So, that is what is most important. As it turns out, most of my week came from surprise input from the outside.

Page Two.-Back to College? I was completely surprised last week when Megan from Simmons College contacted me concerning contributing to their Trans*forming the Dialogue initiative this summer. First and foremost this means all of you will have a chance to contribute to questions such as what is OK to ask a transgender person or not. It is supposed to go live sometime in June. Plus, a little about Simmons College. Simmons is ONLY the third US women’s college to accept students who identify as transgender. Each time the gender barrier is broken down for transgender women anywhere it is huge. In the recent past, certain "women only" colleges have led the discrimination charge to bar us. I'm sure another question to add to their dialogue would be "what constitutes a woman?" It should be very interesting and you all will be the first to know when I learn more!

Page Three.- My Sisters in? : Page Two Continued: What does constitute a "woman"? How close or how far away are we transgender women from our generic sisters? The easy answer is there isn't one. The easy answer used by radical feminists is if you weren't born with a vagina, then you will never ever be a woman. Then there are the ever present radical transsexuals who believe somehow if you haven't or can't buy your own vagina-you too are the outside looking in. Then again (as always) there is a huge middle ground. The problem is it is an emotionally charged issue to be sure. But last week I took three ideas from Ginger Burr's Total Image Consultant's site which to me spoke deeply to my life as a transgender woman. Here is the post very simply called "Good Questions."

Page Four.- The Back Page: Well kids, it's time to go. somehow my old dog knows she has time for a walk mixed into her busy day. Sadly, the week to come will mark the end of another icon of my generation-the retirement of "David Letterman." I'm sure I will end up blaming and cussing the effect of my HRT hormones as I view the last show.
On a positive note though-have a GREAT week and thanks for stopping by Cyrsti's Condo!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Eat More Chicken?

Today was appointment day at one of my medical team. Sounds impressive-right??

Well, it is and keep in mind the only way I can afford it is my Veterans Administration co-payment health care along with my yet to be tested Medicare.

At the VA I am assigned to a "primary care provider" - not unlike your family doc, if you still have one of those. Then, I have my endocrinologist and finally the person I call my "pusher."  She actually is a psychiatrist who monitors/prescribes my moods because I am bi-polar. If you didn't know, mixing an estrogen "supplement" with a mood stabilizer can cause problems.  I of course have been dealing with this for years and am ready every time a well meaning person on my medical team and raises the red flag. They are right and I don't want to sound as if I take any of this lightly. Fortunately, it is easier to explain these days to professionals being transgender is not a choice.

I always seem to have the most fun after the "work" part of my appointments. The example today was when Kelly asked me what I thought about Leelah Alcorn, Bruce Jenner AND...did I think all the hormones in processed foods were dropping the testosterone levels as a whole in men. Well, as most of you long term Cyrsti's Condo readers know-I do think that.  Having said that, I'm not saying society as a whole will be experiencing a complete boom in the numbers of cross dressers and transgender women, but the stereotypical John Wayne virile guys are not as numerous.

Try having that conversation with the person who essentially is my therapist. So I guess I could cut back on my regular HRT estrogen dosage if I gave up my boycott on a certain chicken chain which is well known for it's bigotry?

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

Ker Plunk! Welcome! Another issue of our "Sunday Edition" has hit your virtual front porch! Here in O-H-I-O Momma Nature has blessed us with a beautiful day, so let's get started!

Page One.- The Week that Was-or Wasn't:  As the residue (pro or con) of Bruce Jenner's interview continued, the reality of Leelah Alcorn's Christmas time tragic suicide surfaced again. The Ohio Highway Patrol released it's findings. No surprises. The parents put her through "Christian Conversion Therapy" and a suicide note left on her bed at home said it all. I paraphrase (Leelah wrote) "I can't take it anymore." and she went out to a lonely stretch I-71 just north of Cincinnati and summoned a poor semi truck driver to finish the job. The whole week just seemed to highlight the polar differences in the white transgender community. Yes-white. Jenner obviously is a senior entitled person who says he is trans but stays tantalizing on the edge of the process. After all, there is the "reality show" to come. Leelah on the other hand, went to school in a very upscale in the suburbs of Cincinnati. Her misfortune just happened to be who she was born to. Leelah was not an urban inter city trans kid of color who had all of that baggage to deal with. With parental support her story could have been one of success. Speaking of "parental support" (or lack of) check out Maria's recent post on her blog: "A Cross Dresser's Wife."

Page Two.- Holiday Season? Well not "holiday" in the strictest sense but in the upcoming weeks, it is Prom time, Mother's day and even summer class reunions. An interesting time. Last week we wrote a post called Prom Daze and of course Mother's Day is till to come. Mother's Day holds interest in a number of area's; on a shallower level what title we take on as Mtf transgender women with our kids. On a deeper level, what our mothers meant to us. Were they role models, inhibited us or worse. Finally there are class reunions.  None of us need a degree in math to figure out we "more mature" trans women are perilously close to a "50th Class Reunion." As Connie said:  Well, in a couple of years you can see what happens at your 50th class reunion. You just might win the award for "Most Changed".

Page Three.- Reuniting with Whom? As i stands now, if I live a couple more years, I won't go to my first class reunion ever. There are several whys and most have nothing to do with me being trans. First of all, I transferred into the high school and my Mom taught there, so more than likely more would remember having her as a teacher, than me at all. That's all good-I have no problem. What I do have a problem with was a class "committee" listing me as one of the peeps they couldn't find years ago when I was running the most popular restaurant in town. Plus, I was also finishing up a term as president of a very active civic organization. So, if going would make some sort of positive transgender statement-I would go. But, just to be some sort of entertainment...count someone else in. 

Page Four.-The Back Page: It's time to pack up my old dog and get out and enjoy the sun on this incredible day! I hope the sun shines on all of you and life is good!!! Thanks for visiting Cyrsti's Condo and please take a moment to send a positive vibration or two to the earthquake ravaged people in Nepal. 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Did You Hear?

From Variety :  Law & Order: SVU” has always looked to the headlines, and the upcoming 17th season is already planning to highlight a hot topic issue: the transgender community, which was recently brought to the spotlight in Bruce Jenner’s “20/20″ interview.

“We’ve already started our season 17 storylines. We’re doing a story about a transgender teenager,” showrunner Warren Leight told Variety Tuesday, the first day the “SVU” team began prepping the first episode of the upcoming 2015-16 season — which also happens to be the same day the cast was shooting the finale episode for season 16, which airs May 20. “The world keeps evolving, and there are a lot of dark areas that we need to look at,” Leight added."

If I am reading this right, Law & Order SVU doing a "dark" show on a transgender teen, means they "might" address trans bullying and violence. But, maybe Jenner is getting too much credit here. The show producers may had been noticing the real dark sides of life transgender youth face.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

You Can't See This Post

This post is in "stealth" mode. "Stealth" is yet another facet of the transgender world that- well- fly's under the radar. By choice, you don't read or hear much about it. In my entire experience as a cross dresser,  after  I began HRT and transitioned into my life I lead today, I have never had a person come up to me and introduce themselves as a "stealth" transgender or transsexual woman. Of course, that would defeat the purpose. Why would they?

Perhaps one of the next best things happened to me today when I ran across a look from the "invisible side" from Helen Boyd's Blog, (if don't follow it-you should. What caught my eye was her post entitled "Important Stealth Voice." At that point, I jumped over to her blog and then discovered her link to another blog by Natasha from Australia called "Here, let me Show you my Scars."

When you have a chance, it is worth a visit to both of their blogs!

One final word on being "stealth". It's a huge difference than being alone. After Bruce Jenner's interview Friday night, one of the Cincinnati television stations spoke with a local trans woman who talked of being totally alone. Immediately, Liz and I tried to reach out into the local trans community to see if anyone knows her. We would be more than happy to meet her for a cup of coffee. But so far, no one seems to know anything about her. Seclusion does not equal stealth these days. It's an outmoded idea in many places.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Damn! I'm Old!

Christine Jorgensen, formerly George Jorgensen, was the first person to become widely known in the United States for having sex reassignment surgery after serving in the US Army.In this day and age when more than a few transgender women want to throw the "I am more trans than you card" and many of my most asked questions pertain to when did I know I was gender dysphoric , this newspaper article pretty much says it all: (kind of-or at least a starting point)

 ((Originally published by the Daily News on December 1, 1952. This story was written by Ben White.)
At that time, I was approximately three.

Of course my reading skills at that age were less than stellar, so I can't tell you I went out and read my parents newspaper about the story.

What I can tell you is, not so many years later I did hear of the Christine Jorgensen story and was fascinated. So, I guess my trans pedigree is blurred. I can't say the first time I read the Jorgensen story at the age of three I knew I was transgender or transsexual or any other of the words which had not even been invented yet. So i guess I am not trans enough for most. Blah, blah, blah.

On the other end of the age spectrum, I was listening to one of the national sports talk radio shows this morning and they were having quite the Bruce Jenner discussion. With no particular horse in the race, Dan Patrick matter of factly pointed out most younger peeps never knew how much of a famous athlete Jenner was. Plus he (Patrick) could not shake the idea the subject was very serious but Jenner was using the interview as a "teaser" promo show for the upcoming reality series.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

KER PLUNK! Another edition of Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition" is hitting your virtual front porch. It's a chilly, sunny spring morning here in Ohio so the "Joe" (coffee) is on and lets get started.

The Week that WAS or Wasn't.- Finally the much awaited Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer has come and gone. The two hour show at the least created a whole different level of who we are as a transgender community as many television stations featured a follow up interview with a local trans woman after the show. However you want to look at it, a whole new group of people were able to see we trans people are just that-humans. Not the monsters painted out by local bible thumping ministers or right wing politicians. To put this week in a "Jenner-esk"  sports reference-he has passed the (decathlon) baton to us and it's up to each one of us to run with it.

Hello Carol and Debbie!  Last night Liz and I went to a local Gay Couples get together at one of the couples beautiful home. Not long into the evening we began chatting with a lesbian couple (Carol and Debbie) and enjoyed it immensely. I should say a long term married lesbian couple. Not too long after we began chatting, I broke two of my personal promises to myself-as inane as they may be. I was not going to out myself or discuss Jenner. Blah, blah, blah. We did talk about Jenner and it was cool and as far as "outing" myself-everyone there I suspect knew anyhow. I was flattered to find several went out of their way to make me feel welcome. Good to meet both of you!

We Got Mail! I 'm going to sort through a couple which centered on Bruce (of course). The first comes from CalieApril 25, 2015 at 1:17 PM
I've got to agree. (about Bruce's media storm) The whole thing makes me very uncomfortable and I don't know why. My gut feeling is that this is not, at least right now, good for our community. Perhaps at some point I'll blog about my feelings on this whole thing. For now, it's a circus and the media - my occupation - is making the most of it. Funny how the story came out on the second day of the most important rating month of the year.....
Thanks Callie! There are no "coincidences" in the media-right? And another person who should have her own blog - Connie:
"The best we can hope for is that public awareness will open a few more closet doors, as well as a few more hearts. I think that we often forget how long it took for many of us to come to grips with ourselves and our gender identities. We need to give others some time to deal with it, as well. Whether coming out can be construed as an act of bravery (as many are saying about Bruce) or not is nothing compared to the responsibility we have to both ourselves and others when we do so. One of the most important things Bruce said was at the outset of the interview, asking that we keep a sense of humor about all of this. Humor can go a long way in easing the suffering of slings and arrows, as well as in keeping our own nobility - if not, at least, our own humility."

The Back Page:  Finally, what was the tasteless idea for a "joke" sandwich aimed at Bruce Jenner. It was part Taco and part Hot Dog. There you go. Essentially though, it doesn't matter what the sandwich was or the intended humor behind it. We (trans) have been the subject of jokes, smirks and out and out laughter- the world just needs to know they aren't funny anymore. Someday with equal rights and acceptance humor will be be fine, until then one person's "humor" is another's salt in the wound.
So there you go!!!! Another Sunday Edition in or "on the can." Have a great week!  

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Aftermath

Often you have to look past the obvious to see the effects of such a "big" transgender happening such as the Bruce Jenner / Dianne Sawyer interview last night.

According to my emails, many local ABC affiliates followed up with a local interview with a trans woman. Including WCPO here in Cincinnati. As always, all sorts of us -trans or whatever will draw their own conclusions. Personally, Liz and I are going to a gay couples party tonight (gay and lesbian.) I have wondered if I will be asked any (Bruce) questions. I doubt it and even hope not.

Why? After last night, I think the real benefit came from all the local television stations who broadcast stories of trans women (and a few good good trans men) from around their area. Perhaps the average "Joe" or "Jolene" on the street will now consider they actually know or might know a transgender person after all.

Even better, are the realizations that when famous people such as Bruce Jenner come out, the more power we have. Here is an example from yesterday here in Cincinnati. A restaurant in a restoration area downtown (even featured recently on the Food Channel) came up with a "Bruce Jenner" transphobic sounding sandwich for supposedly only yesterday. I caught the alert to it from the Cinci trans group on my Facebook and responded as did many others. One way or another, an apology was issued by the restaurant and the sandwich removed. Before the day was over.

There was even less excuse for the restaurant because of the proximity to the Leelah Alcorn tragic suicide last winter. People have short memories. Perfect or not, Bruce Jenner helps to keep our memory fresh.

Bruce and Beyond

Perhaps the biggest and worst concealed "coming out" event in transgender history has come and gone.  Bruce Jenner is trans. The event was so big that:  " It even made the news on the BBC Radio four this morning, but I was in too much of a hurry to listen in depth. Once the decision has been made to live your life in the spotlight then it is inevitable that such a dramatic change will attract attention.

I suspect that this will be another drip that wears away at the opposition. I won't say that any publicity is good publicity, but anything that normalizes our situation can only help. ~ I still won't be following the circus though."

That comment came from Paula Goodwin across the pond in the UK.  

Very simply, I could write tons of posts on Bruce- so I am going to start slow. Actually my first thoughts were this is all good but Bruce is entering a life of trans privilege. Whatever procedure she decides to undergo-she can. Although she mentioned the pain and suffering of the real transgender world all so briefly, it won't affect her.

From personal experience, I know the indescribable joy of family acceptance and her family (the Jenner's) at least seem to be genuinely nice and real. You get back what you put into kids and Bruce should be proud. 

So Paula, I'm not so sure you missed anything of great importance. I was surprised when Bruce confirmed Zoey Tur-d (sorry-Zoey Tur'S) announcement earlier that many in Hollywood knew Jenner was trans as far back as the 80's. I just wondered if was then that Zoey was dropped from a helicopter on her head for the first time.

Of course, as we all know last night's show was also an elaborate kick start publicity show for the so called "real MtF gender transition" show with Bruce on the "E"Network.  After I saw the lacy black dress Bruce pulled from his "old" closet to show Diane Sawyer (he can afford to build his own "glam room now) I had a Zoey Tur_ flashback from her first interviews. 

All in all I'm grading it a "C" which we will discuss later.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Ready or Not

Bruce Jenner in Malibu.The event we transgender women and men have been waiting for (one way or another) happens tonight (Friday EST). ABC.

Bruce Jenner and Diane Sawyer sit down for a "chat" and as predicted, it is a circus. As reported in this New York Daily News story.

"The Bruce Jenner interview is becoming the social event of the season. And New Yorkers are staying home on Friday night to tune in to Diane Sawyer’s two-hour “20/20” special with the Olympic legend.
“Of course I am going to watch it. I am anticipating it myself, "Kim Kardashian's bestie Jonathan Cheban tells the Daily News. “I think I’d be the only one in the world not watching it.”
Many are marking Jenner’s reported big reveal — that he’s transitioning into a woman — with festive viewing parties to celebrate his journey.
“It’s gonna be huge! It’s definitely one of those things to do with a group of friends, like having an Oscar showing,” says Mary Twiss, 24, who is hosting seven friends in her Gramercy apartment.
“It’s a big deal for Bruce Jenner, and also for the LGBT community. It’s definitely a reason to celebrate,” she says."
We will see. We will see. The "celebration" word seems way too intense for me. The next thing I expect to hear (and have) is "some of my best friends are transgender."

Monday, April 20, 2015

Is That a Chip on Your Shoulder or a Fashion Statement?

Should we still be carrying a chip on our shoulder so completely now if we are transgender? Should we still love the "poor, poor pitiful us" label so completely? Do I? Do you? I began thinking about the idea this morning...

When I turned on my old computer this morning I saw an ABC promo ad on this weeks Bruce Jenner transgender "unveiling" with Diane Sawyer. Something called Bruce Jenner "The Story". Immediately I recoiled and thought two things. When is the last time Diane knocked on your door to interview the average trans woman or trans man and the deep seated feeling this just can't be good. 

However, maybe I am not being fair and on occasion I have been known to carry a fairly decent trans chip too. Because I know Jenner's past athletic accomplishments took an incredible effort and much of that effort may have come from attempting to cover gender dysphoria. I think, quit being a bitch and understand? Dammit I should! Shouldn't I??? Why the guilt?

Plus, I can't escape the fact that on at least one occasion when I outed myself in a group of generics-one said "Oh! She (me) is like Bruce Jenner." or my daughters friends have specifically asked my ideas. I guess after Friday I will know.

Am I more trans than Bruce just because I don't have the Kardasian publicity machine?  No and I will have to shift the chip on my shoulder! (Maybe)

Don't get me wrong-I have a HUGE problem with our basic American rights being denied in society and in our military. (That is NOT the "chip" I'm talking about.") Increasingly though, I am feeling being a trans whiner rather than a "doer" is a waste of my time. Maybe I can remove my chip and throw it? Will Bruce?

Friday, April 10, 2015

J Edgar and the White House Potty?

Quite the amount of activity going on to write about here in Cyrsti's Condo-much different than not so long ago when I used to primarily write about what I was wearing or how much passing privilege I thought I had.

First, there is the deal about the Prez coming out against gay and,or transgender conversion therapy and the announcement trans visitors to the White House would no longer have to pee in the bushes outside. (Wouldn't have to worry about the Secret Service these days.) Of course, the "more mature" (Connie) among us sent in a comment about former FBI Director (heavily rumored to be gay and even managed to toss a heel at Zoey Tur:

"The FBI building used to have a transgender-friendly restroom, but it was only for J. Edgar's use. 

I think that conversion therapy is, as you say, a brain washing technique - based on creating guilt. For many of us, guilt has done more to mess us up than any closet-full of ladies clothing ever did. I do subscribe to a 12-step therapy, however, where I believe a transgender woman should have to be able to walk, in a decidedly feminine manner, for a minimum of 12 steps in 4" heels before going out in public. Unfortunately, Zoey Tur did not get my memo."

Speaking of the media crowd, the upcoming barrage of television programming led by B. Jenner should be interesting. Not so sure if any of it will do the average transgender person just trying to get by in society any good. I want to see all of the shows address the issue of restrooms in our society. The one spot where society most wants to try to draw a line in the sand against the transgender community? Being the Biblical scholar I am not-I am still fairly sure restroom usage was not a priority for the Apostles. Then again, they weren't from Florida?

At the least though, we won't be  bored and was TMZ right when they speculated Bruce Jenner had a boob job under that big hot hoodie?  I am sure Zoey Tur needs something else to miss-speculate about.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


All kinds of positive things are happening in the transgender community-regardless of what Bruce Jenner's upcoming Diane Sawyer interview turns out to be. Here are a couple to look for:  The first from the Windy City Media Group:

( San Francisco ) - At a time when transgender and gender nonconforming people across the U.S. and around the world have achieved unprecedented visibility in popular culture, but continue to suffer extreme violence, harassment, discrimination, and isolation, Independent Lens presents Kumu Hina,
a moving film from Hawaii that offers a bold new perspective on gender diversity and inclusion through cultural empowerment. Directed and produced by Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson, Kumu Hina premieres on Independent Lens Monday, May 4, 2015, 10:00-11:00 PM ET ( check local listings ) as part of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month programming on PBS.
Kumu Hina is the inspiring story of Hina Wong-Kalu, a transgender native Hawaiian teacher and cultural icon who brings to life Hawaii's traditional embrace of mahu — those who embody both male and female spirit. The film traces Hina's evolution from a timid high school boy to her position as a married woman and cultural director of a school in one of Honolulu's grittier neighborhoods. As she contemplates who should lead the school's all-male hula troupe in their final performance, a surprising candidate presents herself: Ho'onani, a sixth grader who is proud to be seen as a mixture of boy and girl. As Kumu Hina helps Ho'onani to negotiate the mixed reactions of her classmates and her family, the power of culture to instill a sense of pride and acceptance becomes clear.

Then, there is the Entertainment Weekly piece we mentioned in a previous Cyrsti's Condo post.

And finally, for this post-there is yet another post concerning issues with the Thailand Army draft (left). Check it out here from Rueters. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

OMG Honey is that Bruce Jenner Next Door?

Over the years here in Cyrsti's Condo we have discussed our efforts to "hide" or "sneak" around the neighbors as we were testing the waters as cross dressers and later as androgynous transgender women and men.  These days, I am again wondering "what the neighbors think" in two locations.  Liz's house which will become my permanent spot is much more mellow for a number of reasons. The main one is the lack of traffic. My sister-in-law's is much more interesting. At both places of course, if I am working outside these days, I'm wearing a "hoody" and jeans with my hair pulled back. So, I do think (as I have written) HRT has made me very androgynous.  So androgynous in fact, I run into many people from my past who don't come close to recognizing me. Most certainly that's OK.

Let me point out, at this stage, I am not at her house much and during the 6 months or so I have been, a few of the neighbors have sort of sought me out-for what ever reason.  One was when her son landed his drone at Christmas in our back yard, the other was by pure accident. Sister-in-law  lives across the street in an older neighborhood with on street parking and the other woman was nice enough.  On occasion though, I do entertainment myself wondering if the gossip is flying fast and furious between her house and the two next door.  In the one to her left lives a highly religious family whose father worked with me years ago.  To her right-a woman who I question much of her sanity.

I don't really care but it's just another occasion when I would like to be a butterfly on the fence when they talk about is that  "Bruce Jenner" person living across the street.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The "Ripple Effect"

Unfortunately I drive past the exact spot Leelah Alcorn's life came to an end (and a truck driver's undoubtedly changed forever) - at least once a week and sometimes at night.  To say the least, it is a dark, desolate and busy stretch of road at night.  If it is possible though, the setting makes the whole story seem even more tragic and surreal.  But on the bright side, many are not forgetting the world's loss - as you will read in this article from Cincinnati.Com. It which recaps the events since Leelah's suicide:

The suicide nearly two months ago of Warren County (near Cincinnati) teenager Leelah Alcorn triggered a national soul-searching about gender identity, suicide, parent-child relationships and social progress.
Global attention to Alcorn's death came amid growing awareness of the transgender experience, particularly in the past three years with the shot to stardom of actress Laverne Cox. Less than a week before Alcorn's death, movie stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced that their 8-year-old child, a girl named Shiloh at birth, preferred to be called John and to wear boy's clothes. Olympic gold medalist and reality-TV star Bruce Jenner isreportedly transitioning, at 65, from male to female.
The Internet ignited and fueled the conversation about Alcorn. She posted a wrenching suicide note on the social media site Tumblr that flashed across the world. (The Tumblr posting has since been taken down.) A friend also posted Alcorn's selfie posing in a dress, a photograph that artists adapted around the world. That was only the beginning:
 The #leelahalcorn Twitter hashtag continues to generate rolling traffic. A petition drew thousands of signatures urging Congress to ban therapy that aims to dissuade people with questions about gender identity or sexual expression.
 Vigils were held in Cincinnatiacross Ohio and the nation in Alcorn's memory; demonstrations were held as far away as New Zealand.
And there is more.  Go here to check it out!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Trans Beat Grows Louder

As I wrote here in Cyrtsi's Condo recently, every morning it's difficult not to hear a story or someone's interpretation of the recent flood of transgender news. Plus more and more trans peeps are coming out of the woodwork to comment.  Thanks Bobbie for sending along this story:

"According to the Guardian’s Editor-in-Chief, former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning will soon be writing an opinion column for the British daily neMwspaper’s U.S. website.
Readers will likely, of course, remember Chelsea Manning formerly as Bradley Manning – responsible for the largest leak in U.S. history of classified information. The people’s patriot and whistleblower declared publicly his desire to transition to a woman in August of 2013 and began the transition from male to female last year.
Manning has been sentenced to 35 years in prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, for her role in the historical information leak."

Also, on the Meredith  Viera Show,  Patricia Arquette was one of the guests. She talked about her current projects, then of course the topic turned to her transgender sister Alexis. (left)  Patricia did a wonderful job of describing how brutal our lives can be and said, I paraphrase "it's not the package -it's the person which matters."

Unlike the stupid misdirected comments from a very ignorant Sharon Osborne about Bruce Jenner's sexuality on the Talk

Workplace Issues

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