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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Media Mania

First of all, you all know what I have thought about Bruce Jenner. However, I did see one of his coming out shows last night-his sit down conversation (tear jerker) with former wife Kris. And, I do know there are certain backstories which do or don't play in with me. But last night most did. Now, I did take what I saw last night at face value (no pun intended) and the story which played out between the two last night was ripped from the one which played out between my (deceased) wife and I.

Honesty, courage and communication ended up being our sticking points and I will admit I just couldn't "man up" and tell her how I really felt. I just didn't want to lose everything in life I held dear and wanted to have it both ways before I jumped off the gender cliff. I don't believe Jenner ever said it but the whole deal nearly killed me.

Also in the media recently has been the whole coming up story of the Duggar "19 and Counting Show" which has been cancelled on the TLC Network. In a classic "Bitch slap" Momma Karma beat up on Michelle Duggar who called transgender women child molesters and pedophiles in a recent anti LGBT campaign in her home state of Arkansas. Then, her son turns out to be the real deal pedophile with at least five underage girls including a couple sisters. Yes, the clan even knew of his molestations.

The whole story makes me sick from the 19 kids all the way to connections with Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. I went an immediately took a shower with lye soap after hearing all of this.

Finally,former Defense Secretary Robert Gates (now head of the Boy Scouts) said the Boy Scouts ban on Gay Adult Scout Leaders is "not sustainable" and needs to change from within. My daughters family is a huge scouting family (boy and girl) and of course support LGBTQ leaders and are very happy with this!!!!

Quite the week!