Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

Ker Plunk! Welcome! Another issue of our "Sunday Edition" has hit your virtual front porch! Here in O-H-I-O Momma Nature has blessed us with a beautiful day, so let's get started!

Page One.- The Week that Was-or Wasn't:  As the residue (pro or con) of Bruce Jenner's interview continued, the reality of Leelah Alcorn's Christmas time tragic suicide surfaced again. The Ohio Highway Patrol released it's findings. No surprises. The parents put her through "Christian Conversion Therapy" and a suicide note left on her bed at home said it all. I paraphrase (Leelah wrote) "I can't take it anymore." and she went out to a lonely stretch I-71 just north of Cincinnati and summoned a poor semi truck driver to finish the job. The whole week just seemed to highlight the polar differences in the white transgender community. Yes-white. Jenner obviously is a senior entitled person who says he is trans but stays tantalizing on the edge of the process. After all, there is the "reality show" to come. Leelah on the other hand, went to school in a very upscale in the suburbs of Cincinnati. Her misfortune just happened to be who she was born to. Leelah was not an urban inter city trans kid of color who had all of that baggage to deal with. With parental support her story could have been one of success. Speaking of "parental support" (or lack of) check out Maria's recent post on her blog: "A Cross Dresser's Wife."

Page Two.- Holiday Season? Well not "holiday" in the strictest sense but in the upcoming weeks, it is Prom time, Mother's day and even summer class reunions. An interesting time. Last week we wrote a post called Prom Daze and of course Mother's Day is till to come. Mother's Day holds interest in a number of area's; on a shallower level what title we take on as Mtf transgender women with our kids. On a deeper level, what our mothers meant to us. Were they role models, inhibited us or worse. Finally there are class reunions.  None of us need a degree in math to figure out we "more mature" trans women are perilously close to a "50th Class Reunion." As Connie said:  Well, in a couple of years you can see what happens at your 50th class reunion. You just might win the award for "Most Changed".

Page Three.- Reuniting with Whom? As i stands now, if I live a couple more years, I won't go to my first class reunion ever. There are several whys and most have nothing to do with me being trans. First of all, I transferred into the high school and my Mom taught there, so more than likely more would remember having her as a teacher, than me at all. That's all good-I have no problem. What I do have a problem with was a class "committee" listing me as one of the peeps they couldn't find years ago when I was running the most popular restaurant in town. Plus, I was also finishing up a term as president of a very active civic organization. So, if going would make some sort of positive transgender statement-I would go. But, just to be some sort of entertainment...count someone else in. 

Page Four.-The Back Page: It's time to pack up my old dog and get out and enjoy the sun on this incredible day! I hope the sun shines on all of you and life is good!!! Thanks for visiting Cyrsti's Condo and please take a moment to send a positive vibration or two to the earthquake ravaged people in Nepal.