Monday, May 4, 2015

What Happens Next?

What if Bruce Jenner was asked (instead of what gender are you going to date) where are you going to pee? Of course we would have heard something to the effect of "we will see, not sure yet. (watch the reality show.) "

In several Cyrsti's Condo previous posts I have mentioned my extreme paranoia of getting tossed back in the closet as my life comes to an end. Better known as the closet in the back of the nursing home. Call me a drama queen (or worse) but it is a real worry for me.But, not the subject of this post. 

As much as I want to say too that "passing privilege" should not be an all encompassing factor to living a feminine life- rest room privilege may be.

The last time I looked, about four states had pending laws designed to foster paranoia against trans women and transgender men-involving using the rest room of our choice.

As much as I haven't had a rest room issue for years, the paranoia is nearly as present with me as getting tossed in the nursing home closet. By then my paper diapers should make the whole idea obsolete?

In the meantime, it is not though. I'm fortunate in that most every place I go (no pun intended) Liz is with me. Even though I don't think she understands my "clear and present danger", she "scouts" with me for "potty break" spots.

On the other hand, it's not me I worry about as much the young transgender kids who really have to face restroom trauma. They just don't seem to be going away as the radical right uses the issue to attack us. 

Most of you know how I have felt about stealth but just being able to use a restroom of our choice forces us into it. I am way past being able to fight my way out of a group of angry peeps waiting outside a restroom-or a cop.

No restroom bills in Ohio-yet. But I am always looking for one to "pop up" like a poisonous mushroom in the Spring.

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