Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Eat More Chicken?

Today was appointment day at one of my medical team. Sounds impressive-right??

Well, it is and keep in mind the only way I can afford it is my Veterans Administration co-payment health care along with my yet to be tested Medicare.

At the VA I am assigned to a "primary care provider" - not unlike your family doc, if you still have one of those. Then, I have my endocrinologist and finally the person I call my "pusher."  She actually is a psychiatrist who monitors/prescribes my moods because I am bi-polar. If you didn't know, mixing an estrogen "supplement" with a mood stabilizer can cause problems.  I of course have been dealing with this for years and am ready every time a well meaning person on my medical team and raises the red flag. They are right and I don't want to sound as if I take any of this lightly. Fortunately, it is easier to explain these days to professionals being transgender is not a choice.

I always seem to have the most fun after the "work" part of my appointments. The example today was when Kelly asked me what I thought about Leelah Alcorn, Bruce Jenner AND...did I think all the hormones in processed foods were dropping the testosterone levels as a whole in men. Well, as most of you long term Cyrsti's Condo readers know-I do think that.  Having said that, I'm not saying society as a whole will be experiencing a complete boom in the numbers of cross dressers and transgender women, but the stereotypical John Wayne virile guys are not as numerous.

Try having that conversation with the person who essentially is my therapist. So I guess I could cut back on my regular HRT estrogen dosage if I gave up my boycott on a certain chicken chain which is well known for it's bigotry?

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