Thursday, May 14, 2015


Recently I mentioned the difficulty you all are having getting comments into Cyrsti's Condo.  I twerked (er) tweaked several things. Well, at least one seemed to be working because I was flattered when I received this comment from Ginger Burr:

"Thanks so much, Cyrsti, for this wonderful message (and for enjoying my blog posts!). You hit the nail on the head. You are so right about having to "jump" age brackets. It makes the process more challenging for those who are in their 40's when they fully embrace their feminine selves (I hear this from my trans clients all the time, but they are also so thankful to be expressing themselves authentically that the experience is wonderful even with the jump). The world is changing for the better (I have seen such forward movement over the past 30 years) and I hope the 20 something generation will read your comments and take the plunge with no looking back! Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and thoughtfulness.""

Thanks to you Ginger! Years ago, someone I admired very deeply tried to tell me simply putting on a dress and heels made me a princess - not a woman-and I was clueless. (She was right.) It's the reason I always try to be in tune with the multi layered worlds "generic" woman grew up and live in day to day.

If you missed the post, briefly, we discussed three subjects from Ginger which deeply spoke to all transgender women. Here is a link again to her site .

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