Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Transgender Time Line

Thanks to Bobbie for passing along this link to a wonderful New York Times article called Increasingly Visible, Transgender Americans Defy Stereotypes.

From the article:   "Transgender women and transgender men have gone from marginal to trendy,” according to Susan Stryker, an associate professor at the University of Arizona, of the study of gender identity. Earlier this year , Ms. Stryker started TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, the first publication of its kind."

Christine Jorgensen 

We all know though, the road has been long and hard. And- before you go out and spend big money on your new trendy wardrobe it's always good to take a look at where we have come from and never forget where we have to get to.

The last time I looked, most of us STILL don't enjoy the basic rights of all other American's. Hell, we still can't even serve in the military.

All in all though, I even have to give Bruce Jenner some credit here. After all, we know at the least he will have a trendy wardrobe. 

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