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Sunshine Day

Pre Weight loss, Credit Cyrsti Hart  Sunday turned out to be a wonderful day for several reasons.  First of all, it was another beautiful autumn day with highs in the mid 70's (F)  Also, for some unknown reason, Liz's 23 year old son invited us out to lunch. It was one of those days when my gender dysphoric self gave me a break and I thought my feminine self was able to shine through. Ironically, even my face is thinning out again, which accentuates my cheek bones. Other than that, I chose a nice pair of leggings and lightweight lacy top. I even got real fancy and wore a pair of earrings which I try to do on occasion to insure the holes in my ears don't grow shut. (They haven't). All in all, I felt good which always is the number one accessory a transgender woman can have.  Once we arrived at the restaurant we had gone to for years, we found out they were closing early due to staffing issues so we had to hurry our lunch. It vaguely occurred to me to go somewhere else bu

Sports and the Transgender Woman

It's Super Bowl Sunday and it's time to look back at my former love affair with the NFL. I say former because following the futile games of the Cincinnati Bengals has nearly broken all interest I had concerning pro football. I feel much different of course when it comes to The Ohio State Buckeyes and college football. It could be argued the Buckeyes were the best football team in Ohio last year when compared to the Cleveland Browns and the Bengals. Along the way as I transitioned, I wondered if or why I would/should maintain any interest in sports at all. Then, as I established a new set of female friends, I learned they were as loyal and knowledgeable sports fans as I was. I found out I could bring my love of sports with me. The whole deal was as I was building the new me, I found out she wasn't the girly-girl type I thought at one time I would have to be. I could as easily sit at a bar with other women and drink beer as well as some fruity feminine drink. I even was i

Sunday Rumblings

Truthfully I am still buzzed (naturally) by The Ohio State University football team's victory over Penn State last night! What a game, as predicted. Penn State truly has one of the most intimidating stadiums to play in when they do their "White Out", when everyone wears white and goes crazy. Supposedly, their stadium is the third largest in the world. This post is about so much more than football though, I have never been one to make much out of my birthday, but Liz is making a big deal of mine this year. I don't completely understand because it's next year I turn seventy. I'm going to quote Mickey Mantle (the famous baseball player) when he said "If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself." My birthday is actually next Friday, so my daughter and Liz are off and are taking me out for breakfast. The rest of the weekend will be jammed packed too. Friday night is our regular monthly karaoke social, Saturda