Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday Rumblings

Truthfully I am still buzzed (naturally) by The Ohio State University football team's victory over Penn State last night! What a game, as predicted. Penn State truly has one of the most intimidating stadiums to play in when they do their "White Out", when everyone wears white and goes crazy. Supposedly, their stadium is the third largest in the world.

This post is about so much more than football though, I have never been one to make much out of my birthday, but Liz is making a big deal of mine this year. I don't completely understand because it's next year I turn seventy. I'm going to quote Mickey Mantle (the famous baseball player) when he said "If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself."

My birthday is actually next Friday, so my daughter and Liz are off and are taking me out for breakfast. The rest of the weekend will be jammed packed too. Friday night is our regular monthly karaoke social, Saturday Liz wants to take me out to dinner and Sunday is her company picnic. When you mix football in with The OSU Buckeyes and the Cincinnati Bengals, I will struggle to find time for my afternoon naps!

Throughout the week also, I have dedicated myself to working on my voice homework and not get ambushed the next time I go for an appointment, in a couple weeks.

Now, I just have to figure out what I am going to wear everywhere next weekend! The weather so far looks pretty good and mild. So maybe we will get the lawnmower back and get a less than ambitious twenty year old to sacrifice his precious game time to cut it. He is not my son though, so he is Liz's problem!

Finally, thanks to all of you and especially Mandy who complimenting me on my picture (s). As you know, I am not a big fan of any pictures of me and have never been. Even as my old male self. 


  1. 100,000 people wearing white?....And after Labor Day no less! :-)

    I watched most of that game, but I was also flipping back and forth between the UW and Wash. State games. All were good for me, and there were many coaches who are good at their crafts - if not just crafty characters. BTW, I'm watching your Bengals right now and enjoying another close game. Still, all I can say is GO HAWKS!

    Perhaps Liz knows something that you don't, and so feels she'd better plan a celebration for your birthday this year? Just kidding. Here's to wishing you a healthy year as you prepare for your 70th decade!

  2. Thanks! I think both weekend ball games took years off my life :)
    And being a Bengals fan, I never thought they would win. Luckily, Atlanta looked terrible on defense!
    Finally, we beat Penn State because we are The Ohio State and they aren't :)