Sunday, September 30, 2018

Equal Time

I received a dare to publish this comment and I am not sure I know why, except I was a little flippant in my brief discussion of the recent Kavanaugh hearings: Believe it or not, I try to not dwell on my politics here here in Cyrsti's Condo.

" I just felt uplifted watching Dr. Ford and slimy after watching Kavanaugh testify yesterday". (my comment)

"I find it very sad and disturbing that so many people are buying in so unthinkingly into what is so obviously a scorched earth strategy of smear and destroy ANYBODY nominated to SCOTUS by President Trump.
This strategy was made clear by numerous Democratic party leaders in early July when they clearly and publicly laid out their stated strategy to use "any means necessary" to block ANY nominee to SCOTUS by Trump.
What you are ignoring is a very well executed and perfectly time smear attack"
There you go! Thanks! 

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  1. Well, all you did was to express how you felt after watching the hearing. Feelings are always valid; everyone's feelings are. Were there politics involved in the hearing? Duh, of course.

    Dr. Ford was the only one that stayed away from politics, except that she wanted to tell her story because she thought it should be known that a sexually abusive man was being considered for a seat on the Supreme Court. Beyond that, there are all sorts of cheap tactics being used by both sides. I can't believe how so many supposedly smart and learned people can stoop to such sophomoric tricks, and then expect the rest of us to buy in to them. I'm now waiting for the TV show, "Law and Order SUV," to do another episode - "ripped from the headlines." Of course, the TV show will depict a thorough investigation, which will be different from these "real life" events.

    In my mind, whether Dr. Ford is correct in her identification of Kavanaugh as the perpetrator or not, his behavior at the hearing is enough to disqualify him. If nothing else, though, we now have a new meaning to the saying, "sober as a judge."