Saturday, September 29, 2018

Fun in the Jungle

As promised, I did twist Liz's arm into taking a picture of two of me after my hairdressing appointment yesterday.  To show the difference in length, I added the top picture of  my hair at it's longest. 

The new picture (or the bottom one) was taken in our overgrown front yard, due to a late summer (of course) mower break down. Also, I was too lazy to crop it.


  1. Far be it for me to make a cutting remark..... :-)

    I used to practice my singing while walking on the beaches of Puget Sound. I could hear myself, but nobody else could hear me as I sang at the top of my lungs. You could do the same sort of thing, practicing your feminine voice while mowing the lawn. Just tryin' ta give ya some mow-tivation, here. :-)

    1. I seemingly need the "mow-tivation" now we need to get the mower back from the mower mechanics.
      Thanks! :)

  2. Both very nice - of course the new one is better!