Monday, October 1, 2018


With the week I already mentioned coming up, I have already dedicated myself to my voice homework during the week. Hopefully, I can show some real changes by the weekend. One good thing is my lingering cough/cold is seemingly going away. However, it has teased me before. I don't think watching two incredibly exciting (and winning) football games this weekend was doing me any good. Just maybe though, learning how to cheer like a girl would be the proper thing to do.

I am spoiled, both of my teams are a combined nine and one, wins to losses, so far this season. There...I just jinxed myself!

On the bright side (literally) next weekend is shaping up to be a warm one, so maybe I can get away with wearing one of my maxi dresses one more time and maybe even my favorite cream and black lacy tank top. It may work well with my distressed jeans or new black leggings for Liz's company picnic on Sunday.

As I wrote before, I have a breakfast with my daughter and Liz to consider and karaoke night on Friday and an upscale birthday dinner Saturday night.

I love it!

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  1. I think I've seen plus-size cheerleader outfits on the Pink Basis site. Raw Raw, Shish Boom Bah! :-)