Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Loose Ends?

Since we have been enjoying a small amount of  football talk around here in Cyrsti's Condo, lets not forget the cheerleaders!

If you played football like I did, maybe you too yearned for the day you could be a cheerleader (female one). Maybe in time for Halloween, you can be one also. Here's a tip from Connie:

"I think I've seen plus-size cheerleader outfits on the Pink Basis site. Raw Raw, Shish Boom Bah! :-)"

Or, you could make your own with your team colors, a short flaired skirt and tight t-shirt.
And, if you are more adventurous (and can pull it off) you could try being a "Hooter's Girl" Unless, times have changed though, it is difficult to find larger sizes for transgender women such as me. 
"Hooter's Girls"
 With Halloween coming up this month, it's time to get creative! It's also a good time to sneak out of the closet for a bit and test the air! 


  1. Where did you find that old pic of me and my friend?

    My wife asked me what I wanted to be on Halloween night. I answered, "Asleep."


  2. You can always get a Browns jersey and a pair of short shorts