Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Halloween Hooters

I received a couple of comments here in Cyrsti's Condo regarding my "Loose Ends" post and one in particular involving the picture of the "Hooter's Girls". If you have never been to a "Hooters", it's essentially a wings and beer sports bar where the servers all dress in the "uniforms" you saw. I think I did read though, the chain now accepts male servers. No word if they have to have their own hooters!

Here are the comments. The first from Connie:

  1. "Where did you find that old pic of me and my friend?

    My wife asked me what I wanted to be on Halloween night. I answered, "Asleep."

    Your friend sent it to me!
  2. "You can always get a Browns jersey and a pair of short shorts"
  3. Michelle, a good idea...just the wrong team! :)
  4. Thanks to both of you for taking the time to comment!


  1. I think Michelle was suggesting a scary version of an Ohio cheerleader. That's a Raw Raw, Shish BOO Bah! :-)

  2. LOL Just goes to show how much I know about football.