Thursday, October 4, 2018

Time Flies

Time flies when you are having fun...or are retired (I am). It doesn't seem possible it is Thursday already.

To recap, I have a very busy weekend coming up. Tomorrow morning is a breakfast with my partner Liz, and my daughter Andrea. Liz is taking the day off. Friday night is karaoke night  Usually, someone interesting shows up and hopefully doesn't make a fool of themselves. 

Saturday was going to be a visit to a rooftop upscale restaurant along the Ohio River overlooking downtown Cincinnati. I decided to postpone it for a week so I could stretch out the good times for a little longer. Plus, there is a late afternoon football game to watch with Liz.

Sunday, rounds out the long weekend with Liz's company picnic, which is normally a very good time. I enjoy the attention I get, being the only transgender woman in attendance. Plus, the boss is an out lesbian, so the LGBTQ community is represented.

The weather is looking to be nice, my outfits are set, I'm ready to go! 

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