Sunday, October 7, 2018

Time Flies

It has been rare when I have missed a couple days in a row of writing a post. My excuse is I was really busy. I had a great time to be sure. It all started Friday morning when I had breakfast with my partner Liz and my daughter Andrea. All was wonderful, especially when the server kept calling us you "girls." It was music to my ears and sweetened my already sweet strawberry waffle.

Friday night was predictable. I may have drank a little too much and ended up disliking totally a overbearing cross dresser who wouldn't leave Liz alone. However, I thought I did a good job with my makeup, hair and outfit. It's not often I feel that secure in my appearance.

For some reason too, the music was at a level (for a change) I could still communicate with others.

Of course, the cliques were out and functioning. Two of the group never sit with all the others and normally the cross dresser who doesn't like transgender women on hormones, manages to create her own vacuum by being obnoxious. I think for some reason, the two who never sit with us are trying to pick up a wayward date in a dark bar.

The one thing I have to completely remember is how fortunate I am to have the support to live the trans life I do and how many of the others I see are forced to structure their life around extreme loneliness. 

As I find myself a year older, indeed I am blessed!

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