Monday, October 8, 2018

More Meet-Ups

Tonight is another cross dresser - transgender support group meeting.

EJ Johnson
This is the one which has become way more interesting, due to new and returning participants. For example we had one of the members describe herself as "agender" a term I hadn't heard much since I don't go to the younger trans meetings here in the metro-Cincinnati Ohio area.

It's interesting I did hear the term used last night when I happened along a Lisa Ling special on gender neutral people. One in particular was "E.J. Johnson" who happens to be the gender fluid off spring of NBA basketball star "Magic Johnson."

All  in all, the show was a nice fascinating look into gender which included a crossdresser with a beard in a coffee shop.

The series is on CNN and here is a link to their web page.


  1. Last night's show featuring the bearded cross-dresser reminded me of the old adage: what's the difference between a cross-dresser and a trans-woman? Answer: about five years.