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Stealth and the "Pink" Pickett Fence?

For those of you of age, you grew up watching the iconic mothers of the 50's and early 60's like June Cleaver.  Mom's were the stay home types who kept the household running and had the dinner ready when hubby came home.  My Mom wasn't like that (school teacher) but almost all my friends mothers were. So the feminine stereotype so aptly pictured by our unnamed cross dresser below was alive and well. Then Dr. Stanley Biber burst upon the scene as one of the primary sexual reassignment surgeons in the U.S. Biber performed his first  sex change operation  in 1969 after a  transsexual woman  asked him if he would be willing and able to do so.   Biber retired in 2003, at age 80, because his  malpractice  insurance premiums had risen to levels which he could not afford, probably because of his advanced age.   Marci Bowers , a gynecologist and transsexual woman herself, took over his  SRS   practice. Biber was hospitalized in January 2006 with complications from  pneumonia

Sex and the Transgender Girl

Wouldn't that subject make one heck of a reality television show?  More exciting than Mountain Men? Who knows, but one does touch quite a few nerves when you talk about it.  Then again, it's a highly personal subject. Back when Dr. Stanley Biber was performing all the SRS changes in Trinidad, Colorado (prior to Marci Bowers joining his staff in 2003) all the rage was to have the operation, find a man, go stealth and live happily ever after. How about a plot like this- transsexual woman goes through the change, begins ideal life with the man of her dreams- until the woman of her dreams comes along? Regardless of your feelings about all of that, times "are a changin'" (could  Bob Dylan  have been a closeted cross dresser?) Most of us were shocked when Facebook went from two binary gender choices to 50-most of which we didn't understand- unless we were living them.  I for one, thought the process was a huge step forward, as much so as a growing number of