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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fly the Colors!

If you have ever wondered about the history of the transgender pride flag. It was created in August 1999 by Monica Helms and has five horizontal stripes. Two stripes are blue ones, two stripes are pink ones and a white center stripe.

As with any other flags, there is a meaning to every colored stripe. To read all about them- go here.

As we get closer to all the TGLBQ Pride events in your part of the world, I feel it is a crucial time to separate true pride in our trans status from the usual, drag queens and fetish cross dressers. Every color in the rainbow should be there and I'm sure we will hear the usual Stonewall drag queen history lessons but in reality, it's time to move on and show the rest of the world we belong - not decked out in 4 inch heels and garish dresses.  Transgender is a lifestyle for us, not a weekend.   I may have to come up with a T-shirt!

Sink or Swim

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