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I "Doesn't Know It"

As you have probably noticed, things have changed around here in Cyrsti's Condo. The majority is because Google changed it's basic blog platform which on my end of things caused my blog to be extremely slow loading. To hopefully help all of that I switched to a much simpler blog format. Along the way, you may notice other changes too. Hopefully they will be positive. In the meantime, lets get back to the subject of the day. The possibility and or terror of doing standup transgender comedy was the subject here of a recent post. Connie had this comment:  " OK, I can get used to your new design, but how come your blog didn't show on T Central today?" (I don't know) "In my early days of coming out - first to a trans group, and then to my wife - I began writing and performing trans-themed song parodies at trans events. The trans crowd seemed to be receptive to my poking fun at the foibles of having a feminine identity, and what we go through in order to expres

The Rise and Fall of the "Beta" Male?

I was surfing along this morning looking for unique thoughts and or idea's to pass along to you all. Today I ran across a post about "Beta Males" from the T Central site. Without giving you too much of a spoiler alert, a "Beta Male" could be a person who doesn't quite need to completely transition or is having transition regrets so to speak. All of this comes from a blog called " Claire Flourish ." and here is an excerpt to get you started on the post: "Am I a beta male? Can I enjoy that, and not transition?” I am suffering transition Regret at the moment. But first, what is a beta male? "Here’s Evan Marckatz, a man who explains men to women. A woman asks about the “total sweetheart” “beta-male” she’s dating. She wants to “take control” but resists the urge because the Guru has advised otherwise. The Guru tells her that advice only applies to alpha males. “He’ll be thrilled that you’re taking control”. If that’s what you want, h

"Wanna Hook Up?" Was Unhooked!

The last couple of days I have been trying to realign the blogs I am linked to here in Cyrsti's Condo. Most had not had a new post in over three months but I am afraid by mistake I deleted some I shouldn't have. (Imagine that!) If that is you , or you want a link here, please ask! Miss Twist However, through the magic of Al Gore's internet today I'm going to do a little blog bouncing. First we are going to stop off at Callie's Blog T-Central  and take a look at a post called Girl Meets Boy Dressed as Girl. (By the way if you haven't been there, Callie calls her blog: " Just a mondo but not complete listing of Trans-Related Bloggers and News Sites" It's amazing, but now the bounce. The actual post comes from a blog called "Miss Twist Speaks her brains." Here's an excerpt from her recent Valentines post: " I’ve already talked about how a number of guys have responded to Twist; what about women? I’m a heterosexual guy in a s