Friday, February 19, 2016

"Wanna Hook Up?" Was Unhooked!

The last couple of days I have been trying to realign the blogs I am linked to here in Cyrsti's Condo. Most had not had a new post in over three months but I am afraid by mistake I deleted some I shouldn't have. (Imagine that!) If that is you , or you want a link here, please ask!

Miss Twist
However, through the magic of Al Gore's internet today I'm going to do a little blog bouncing. First we are going to stop off at Callie's Blog T-Central and take a look at a post called Girl Meets Boy Dressed as Girl. (By the way if you haven't been there, Callie calls her blog: "Just a mondo but not complete listing of Trans-Related Bloggers and News Sites" It's amazing, but now the bounce. The actual post comes from a blog called "Miss Twist Speaks her brains."
Here's an excerpt from her recent Valentines post: "I’ve already talked about how a number of guys have responded to Twist; what about women? I’m a heterosexual guy in a skirt who happens to be engaged. But as ‘Twist’, I’m both more outgoing and rather more coy; I suppose I’d have to say Twist is flertarosexual – nothing more than a flirt.*
I also asked a number of my female friends for their thoughts and opinions; I’ve been swamped with so many nuggets, gems and useful insights I can probably generate three or four posts out of it all. (My thanks to all of them!)"
I too, have many of "Miss Twist's" experiences with women of which revolve around the concept of gender vs sexuality as it plays out between the binary genders. Probably over the years, I'm like her and did write ,many posts on the subject, because the magic sexuality switch still hasn't been thrown with me and although I dislike binary titles, I still prefer women...mostly. 
With that tease, I promise to pass along a couple stories I found from the archives around the Condo I'm collecting for the book!

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