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Transgender Survivor

 It could be argued we all are transgender survivors. Even if you are not trans but are the ally of one. Crossing the gender border is not for the faint of heart.  When I think back at all the error and trial I went through as I negotiated a gender transition, I don't know if I would have attempted it at all.  Perhaps the biggest problem I had was understanding my true gender. Sure I can use the excuse again of   being raised in the pre internet generation. I felt so alone all the time assuming I was the only boy in the world who wanted to be a girl. By crossdressing in the very few feminine clothes I could get my hands on, I was able to survive this part of my formative years.  Photo Credit JJ Hart When I became a teen ager and beyond, I discovered I wasn't the only boy who wanted to be a girl. When I was fifteen and almost old enough to drive I used to hang out with a friend of mine who could drive. On many days we used to stop in at his aunt's small variety store for a b

Female Impersonators Versus Drag Queens

Some time ago here in Cyrsti's Condo featuring Baby Martell and Thomas Brayden commented: For women it is often acknowledged in past times to allow them to would like to undercover dress them selves as the member of the other sexual regarding work in addition to career factors particularly for men took over career where they can pass in addition to are men. For the other area in the gold coin males have worked in female impersonator  orientated occupations obtaining crossdessed since ladies. Our vintage impersonator to the left is actually Lee Shaw. Thanks to Thomas for the comment which may indeed be a "Google translation." I "think" what the translation was trying to come up with was, in the past women would disguise themselves to work successfully as men.  Men on the other hand who could pass as beautiful  women could find work to as female impersonators.  The reason I say that is a translation, a long time ago I chatted a couple times with a t

Cyrsti's Condo "Female Impersonation Classics."

Some of us "of a certain age" may remember "sneaking a peek" at these female impersonators in magazines. One thing is for sure, drag artists have never been short on great legs! The first (right) is Lee Shaw. The second is Vicki (below)

Most Boys Loved Playboy...

Back in the "dark ages" of gender confusion in my life, it was the thing to do to "break into" my Dad's stash of Playboy Magazines when my friends came over. The problem was of course, I wasn't getting the same "charge" out of them as my friends were and I wasn't attracted sexually to them either. The closest I ever came to "attraction" was what I think now was a huge school girl crush I had on one of my friends. To make matters worse the extreme possibly of doing a stint in the Army was bearing down on me as the Vietnam "non war" continued to escalate. My problem was simple,  my gender and sexual "synapses" in my noggin were switched and very few people had any idea of how to deal with it except for just stop it.  It would have been easier to have known I was gay because I would have something concrete to have dealt with. To this day, I rarely get any sort of a sexual charge of looking at a woman (and even