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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

"Ker Plunk!" Another virtual Sunday Edition has just hit your front porch!  Let's get started!

Page 1.- The Week That Was-or Wasn't.  We had a very quiet week.  Overall, we took another look at how some of us have transitioned so far.  Alexis Michelle commented it was all or nothing for her plan to transition in front of her family.  Others weren't so sure.  Of course it's a highly personal decision and totally different for each person involved.  Some families are simply better set up to handle such a momentous decision.  I believe another factor is how subconsciously a person has been projecting their true gender for years.  Over the years, I have heard stories from those who said the main reaction was, "What took you so long?"  Unfortunately though, most of us have buried ourselves so deep in the closet, none of that was possible.

Page 2.- Transparents.  If you haven't heard yet Transparent is an American  internet television series produced by Amazon. The story revolves around a Los Angeles family and their lives following the discovery that father Mort (Jeffrey Tambor) is transgender. I truthfully haven't seen much of it.  Just reactions to it, here and there which have been positive.  I also truthfully cringe when I know a critique of it is coming up as it was in another show I watch.  The show is called the "People's Couch"  which is exactly what is called: different groups of people sitting on their couches watching various television shows and comment.  (Including gay/straight and black/white peeps.)  Actually the reaction was good, even to the point of compassion. 

Page 3.- We Got Mail. I am not totally sure why I was sent this comment from a self described "American Man-Boycotting American Women".  Simply, he is done with American women and among other things calls them fat lazy, gold diggers.  He is a proponent of the ideals of a "foreign woman." I certainly don't buy into either stereotype but thought immediately of where a transgender woman would stand in his stereotypical broad strokes (no pun intended.) In years past, I have written my own lists of why trans women could and do appeal to American men.  The problem is, none of his - or my input can ever really fully discuss the sexual aspect.  Truthfully, it's too highly personal for me to even want to consider. 

All I can say is, in response to him is: I think in some ways he is right. Somewhere a generation of women in this country (can't speak for others) have lost the ability to teach daughters how to be functional women.  BUT! Men are no different and per norm, men are slower at understanding the nuances of a changing society.

Finally, over my lifetime I have known a few "foreign women" who, regardless of relationship, have been able to assimilate into American society. Also, a couple who couldn't.

Page 4.-The Back Page. Well, it didn't take long for winter to hit hard around here and we have our first winter storm warning tonight.  We have a new term this winter replacing the "Polar Vortex", the "Polar Plunge!"  Where ever you are, thanks for visiting Cyrsti's Condo!

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