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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Class Reunion?

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Have you ever attended a class reunion as your new transgender self?

I haven't and don't plan on going to one now, so I haven't. In fact, several years ago, I resisted a temptation to accept an invitation to my fiftieth year high school reunion. I had several reasons for hiding out and not attending the reunion. 

The main reason was, I didn't particularly have many friends when I was in school. I just had transferred into the school and had a difficult time making any sort of real friends since I was so shy. I was especially backwards around girls and didn't have my first date until well into my junior year. So I didn't have anyone I really wanted to see after all the time which had went by. I felt if the overwhelmingly majority, of the students I went to school with back in the day didn't want to deal with me in school, why would they want to deal with me now.

Another main factor in me not going to the reunion was I didn't want to be viewed as some sort of a side show since I figured I would be the only transgender participant who attended. Plus my Mom was a very popular teacher at the school I went to, so I was afraid more of the people who attended the reunion would remember me for her and not the other way around. And as far as those who would be possibly wowed at the change in me would be few and far between because (as I said) they didn't remember anyhow. 

I was fortunate the committee which was set up to try and find all of my classmates ended up doing a terrible job locating me. In the smallish medium sized town I lived in, I owned and operated my own restaurant plus managed one of the biggest/most popular chain food locations in town for years. Along the way also, I was president of a well known civic organization which hosted many events and the committee couldn't  even "find" me. They even placed ads in the local newspaper looking for me among the others who hadn't signed up to attend. 

To make a long story short, I didn't see going to a class reunion was worth  outing myself to a group of people I did not really know. The potential transgender day of visibility was not going to happen. Not on that day at least.

Potentially, if I live that long, I will be invited again to other milestone high school class reunions. We will see at the time if my thoughts towards going will change at all. I doubt it because I still carry the grudges with me towards my former classmates, If they did not not want to know me then, why would they want to know me now... Transgender or not. 

Friday, March 27, 2020

New Trans Kid Show

From the "Star Observer":

"Premiering March 30 on ABC Me, First Day, is a new children’s drama series about a transgender girl navigating her first year of high school.

Starring transgender activist and actor, Evie McDonald as Hannah Bradford, First Day will air as a four part, half hour episode series and will explore some of the difficulties transgender kids face at school.
First Day is McDonald’s first acting role, however, she has been involved in a number of transgender awareness projects including the 2017 campaign to remove the family court from the gender affirmation process for transgender children.
In an interview with Star Observer, McDonald discussed just how important visibility projects such as First Day are in changing social perceptions about what it’s like to be transgender.
“I want to help make it easier for other people to come out as trans in the future. Being transgender is not a choice – and we’ve been around forever,” McDonald told Star Observer."
For more, go here.

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