Monday, February 27, 2017

Supreme Court-Meet Gavin Grimm

The Supreme Court will rule on a landmark case over the right of trans students to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity, the court announced on Friday.
The case revolves around Gavin Grimm, a trans boy in Virginia who was barred from using the men’s bathroom at his high school after the Gloucester County School Board approved a policy ordering students use the bathroom that matches their biological gender.
Grimm’s case marks the first time the Court will wade into the charged debate over so-called “bathroom bills” which has played out around the country. The battle has been particularly pronounced in North Carolina, where outrage over the notorious HB2 resulted in scores of public figures, businesses, entertainers, and sports leagues saying they would boycott the state while the law remained on the books.
Although the Obama administration issued a directive in May for school districts to allow trans students to use the bathroom of their choice, the battle has continued to play out at the state level. The Supreme Court now has the chance to put an end to gender-based bathroom policing once and for all.

It a bit of good news: 

ACLU National  @ACLU
The Supreme Court called @libertycounsel out for referring to Gavin Grimm with the wrong pronoun

It’s unclear how the Court will rule, but at least it’s holding firm on this important principle.

Busy Week

First of all, it's hard to believe March is here this week and I have so much to do!

Tonight is the bi-monthly meeting (no pun intended) of the Cincinnati Crossport  group which is a loosely tied together group of transgender and cross dressing peeps. I will be interested to see if the snarky cross dressers wife returns. If I get attacked, I will know she reads the blog :).

Tuesday is one of my VA doctors appointments up in Dayton which is quite the round trip and takes me most of the day.

Wednesday is a get together to do signage for Thursdays' protest march at Cincinnati's City Hall. Protesting of course "45's" (Trump's) edit to do away with transgender children's restroom protections. A slam at the most innocent sector of the transgender community, who of course do not have a vote.

Thursday is the protest itself which by all estimates should be well attended.

Friday I get my hearing checked...huh? Perhaps I can explain why I don't hear them when they call me "Mr."?

Saturday if we can fit it in is a meeting of one of the "creative" groups we go to. It's an eclectic group of artists, writers etc,

Then of course I have to work in time to write about it all!

And all this time I thought retirement was a time for rest?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Purge It-Dammit!

We all know one of the most wasteful and non productive parts of our cross dressing experiences have been the "purges" we have gone through. My own non official definition of a purge is to get rid of an article or articles of something you don't want.

Many of us have been forced by others such as a spouse, girlfriend or parent to purge ourselves of our feminine clothing, shoes and makeup. I know I have done it out of a sense of shame or even a resolution never to cross dress again. The whole process soon becomes similar to cutting a weed in the yard. The more you cut it, the faster it wants to come back. At a cost, of course.

Here is a more extreme case from Connie in response to a post I had written about my "stash" mysteriously disappearing from an apartment I lived in back before I was inducted into the Army:

My mother once, despite my extraordinary efforts to hide it, found my "stash" when I was 16. She had bagged it up and put it on the kitchen table while I was at school, and then further shamed me by ordering me to throw it in the garbage can outside. I was so ashamed that I told her I'd go one better and take it straight to the dump (partially because my messed-up mind thought that the garbage man might put two and two together, thus knowing my secret).

 It wasn't long, though, before I had assembled a whole new - and upgraded - "stash", which I hid even better that time. I used to wonder "what if" I had not been made to endure such shame. I've let go of that notion, as I came to realize that I was feeling shame for something I didn't even understand at the time. The shame is that I really had nothing to be ashamed about - except for my deviousness and deception."

She (Connie) also mentioned the guy I wrote about who displayed a little extra interest in me "dressing up" after the fact:

"My first thought would have been "what if" it were that guy who ended up with my stuff. "

Good point and truly one I haven't given much thought to, except the timing wasn't quite right and besides that I was in full fledged damage control before I finally calmed down and thought what were they going to do to me? Draft me? Quickly it became too late to cry over spilled/lost panty hose anyway. 

I was out of there and off to Ft. Knox for a winter vacation (basic training) a month later anyhow. If the guy did end up with my "stash" I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Estrogen Contact Buzz

This morning was my second visit to Liz's weight life style group. The group so far has been approximately 25 to 30 cis women, one transgender woman and two cis guys (I think) all packed into a small room.

During the meeting I have a chance to look around the room and learn among other things how so many cis women deal with being over weight their entire lives. I am coming to an understanding of how body image ranks right up towards the top with most women and why so many take such good salon care of their hair and nails. It is all part of being part of the high maintenance gender.

Do they do it for men? Or for other women? Both I feel, which is one mistake beginning cross dressers make when entering the world. They dress how they think a man would want to view them, not how the other women do. Leading to an overly sexed image. As we all know, there is a fine line between classy and trashy.

After this morning's meeting, I almost think I can skip one of my rounds of estrogen patches this week!

Speaking of estrogen and HRT, I have a friend who just got permission to start her own (estrodial & spiro) this week! She was so excited :)

You go girl!!!!!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Do I Know You?

This post should have been added to my "Life Turns on a Dime" series, but somehow became lost in the dusty recesses of my mind. It happened  way before I had even considered being transgender and referred to myself as a cross dresser or transvestite.

It goes all the way back to 1972 when I was waiting to be inducted into the Army and I was working at a radio station in the college town of Bowling Green, Ohio. I had just broken up with my finance and headed north from my home for the job and stayed in an apartment with a couple other guys. Just in case I had the chance, I packed my meager supply of women's clothes/makeup and moved along with my other belongings.

My other two roommates were college students so during breaks they went home, leaving the place all to me. Seemingly an empty college town brings out the best and worst of who was left hanging around. For example, I was just wasting time one night walking in the snow when a hippie girl showed up on the gray night. After a brief snowball fight, she treated me to a sexual adventure. After saying goodbye we never saw each other again. I hope it was good for her!

There was also a quiet guy who was sort of a "hanger on" around the apartment. For some reason he stayed behind too during the Christmas break that year.

In the meantime, one weekend I went home for a day or two and by the time I returned, I found out someone had stolen my wig, dress etc under the guise of "straitening" out my room. Not long after that the guy casually mentioned "dressing up" like a woman. I agreed and headed for my "stash" only to find it gone.

I have always wondered what would have happened if I had still had my clothes, wig etc.

Another "what if" lost in time.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

And the Trans Kids Suffer

Nearly all of my transgender email feeds today had to do with "45's" administration rolling back the Obama school transgender bathroom executive order.

Just saying...if you are trans and or an ally, (and voted for 45) you helped sell the trans kids up the creek. You had to know it would happen. Just saying.

On a more pleasant subject, I had several of you check in with comments on the power of presenting "natural." Looking back, it was and is one of the hardest lessons to learn. In my case, be gentle with my use of eye shadow. And, if I try to bring out my eyes, go easy on the lips...or vice versus.

I have also started a more structured pre-bed time routine which includes a gentle soap wash, residue make up tissue remover (with Vitamin E and collagen) and an anti wrinkle moisturizer. Of course at my age (67) I need all the skin care I can get. Finally, I brush my hair out, which is becoming quite the project as I have a lot of it.

With our unseasonably warm February weather, I am also trying to take some of the winter weight I have gained off by walking. I feel  (no pun intended) I need to take off at least ten pounds.

So, as I have always said, this girl thing is not a joke. It is so much more than applying makeup and buying the right clothes. As any cis woman knows, it is the work no one sees which makes the difference!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"Lazy versus "Blending?"

Everyday I have to put together a new outfit or put on my makeup to get ready to go out, I am envious of cis women (even though I have willingly entered their world.)

For one, if I am going anywhere I will face the public at all, I have to put my best feminine face forward. I am very fortunate in that I have the process down to a half hour.

I operate on the cusp of a very sharp double edged sword. At the best I came into to this ultra serious game at the best marginally presentable. These days without the help of surgery and with the help of hormones (HRT) I can navigate the world. Most importantly I have to look like I'm not trying-like any other cis woman.

I guess if I had any advice, practice makes perfect and don't get discouraged. No matter how hard you try, there most likely someone who will "sniff" you out and make your business their business. These days too, a sizable percentage of people are attracted to your transgender-ness. Sort of like the drive thru window girl yesterday who commented on my "LGBT rainbow ring." She liked it :)

I am not a proponent either of cis women who let themselves go which in the slightly upscale area I live in, I don't see many.

On the other hand, I attended one of Liz's weight loss classes Saturday and saw my share of cis women dressed in workout garb. I am not quite to that point in my dressing to blend development. The fun part was no one paid my much attention. They were more impressed I came as her support person than if I was or wasn't transgender.

Finally, no matter how grumpy I am, I need to carry Connie's famous accessory..."FFS" . A fast and friendly smile. Especially if I am going out before my morning coffee!

Football Bigot?

From Connie:

"I guess I'm a football bigot. I just assumed she played American football until I got half-way through the post, only to find that she played soccer. So, is she paying forward or is she playing forward? Maybe both, I suppose. :-)

Cultures that recognize a third gender are few and far between, and although it is certainly worthwhile to educate the rest of the world that a third gender is recognized somewhere else. However, I have doubts that general worldwide acceptance will come about through a third gender view of trans people. The major religions would have to subscribe to it first, I think. Governments may be more apt to move toward the notion, but, as we can see in the US now, there is volatility on that front. I do find it interesting that she spoke in North Carolina, though."
More work needs to be done on recognizing the ancient Native American Indian cultures who also accepted a "third gender". In fact, some recognized a "dual or two spirited" person to be very special.

Two-Spirited Marchers San Francisco Pride 2014

It's unfortunate the major religions you write of have lost that path of thought. What an easier life we would have as transgender women and trans men.
Also, moving too far out of the traditional gender binaries for many seems to be too difficult to grasp somehow, along with other facets of modern society. Thus returning to a simplistic religious belief mechanism, among other things.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Paying Forward

From RNZ:

"A star of the award-winning film about American Samoa's national football team has given the keynote address at the 40th Annual Conference of the East Coast Asian American Student Union at Raleigh, North Carolina.
Jaiyah Saelua talked about her experience of sex discrimination at a college campus in Hawaii, how football and the film Next Goal Wins, in which she starred have opened doors for her and how faaSamoa embraces and accepts faafafine like herself as the third gender and as human beings.
The East Coast Asian American Student Union mission is to inspire, educate and empower Asian American & Pacific Islander students in higher education."

Jaiyah Saelua speaking at the East Coast Asian American Student Union conference. Photo: Supplied
"In 2009 when Saelua was dismissed from the University of Hawaii Hilo men's soccer team tryouts, she said it felt that she didn't have a voice.
But she told the conference that the title of being the first transgender in the world to play in a FIFA World Cup Qualifier gave her that voice.
She said it gave her an international platform and a responsibility to be the voice of many others like herself.
She pondered whether to remain in American Samoa and continue to live comfortably in an atmosphere that respects her, while the world of football continued to be completely careless to transgender interests, or whether she should capitalize on this opportunity to make a difference in the world."

For more, follow the link above.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Laverne Cox and the Politics of Trans Beauty

From the Daily Beast, a lengthy post about Trans is Beautiful becoming more than just a hash tag:

"In 2015, transgender actress Laverne Cox told the world that “trans is beautiful.” Two years later, there’s proof of that everywhere you look.

Carmen Carrera

Take just the past 30 days, for instance: Transgender model Carmen Carrera walked the runway at Chromat’s New York Fashion Week show, YouTube star and fashion icon Gigi Gorgeous released a new documentary, and Cox has been rocking the awards-show red carpet—as well as the press circuit for her new CBS drama Doubt—in an array of stunning dresses and gowns, like the remarkable one-shoulder chain-link get-up that she wore to the Grammys.
But wait, there’s more: French Vogue announced its first transgender cover model Valentina Sampaio, model Anjali Lama became the first transgender woman to model at India’s Lakmé Fashion Week, and teenage transgender TV star Jazz Jennings got her very own doll sporting a white beret and a tiered tulle skirt.

And there is so much more! Go here.

Boy Meets Girl

Following our Cyrsti's Condo post concerning the premier of "Doubt" with Laverne Cox, Paula Goodwin astutely mentioned the movie "Boy Meets Girl" with another transgender actress Rebecca Root.

The film is on my list of "must see's" which I just haven't seen yet! Thanks Paula :)

Connie also commented on the show:

"I was unable to catch the premier (Doubt) last night, but it's probably "on demand". I'm disappointed, too, about the "reveal" - especially right off the bat. Not knowing the question to which she responded, I don't know if her response was a very good one. I consider myself to have been a woman all my life; I only played the part of a man because I had to. 

I think most of us come to this realization at some point, and I'm sure Laverne, herself, has. Being a transgender woman is hard enough to explain, anyway, but it bothers me when one of us is portrayed as a "woman who used to be a man". The answer to someones question should either be, "It's none of your business" or "Do you really want to learn something?". Of course, an attorney is going to charge for every minute of the lesson if it's done in her office! :)"

Connie, since it is on CBS and if the ratings are half way decent, I am sure they will show it again! Plus since the transgender subject has already been covered, maybe that will be the last we will see of it.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Vogue Paris with a First

Transgender Brazilian model and actor Valentina Sampaio to grace the cover of Vogue Paris.


The new CBS legal drama Doubt premiered last night with transgender actress Laverne Cox in a prominent role.

A long-time advocate for the transgender community, Laverne Cox made history as the first transgender actress to play a transgender series regular on a broadcast television show when the legal drama Doubt premiered on CBS Thursday night.

While I was thrilled to see Laverne in the role, I wasn't so sure I was pleased when she explained to a client that yes, she used to be a man, but was now a woman. Somehow I had hoped the writers would let her play the character without ever mentioning she was transgender at all.

However, Tony Phelan and Joan Rater, Grey's Anatomy alums and the husband-and-wife creators of Doubt, wrote the part of Cameron with Cox in mind.  But they knew she was on Orange, so they assumed that she was unavailable, and were ready to conduct a nationwide talent search to find the person who was going to play Cam.. But Laverne Cox jumped at the idea to play the role.
Plus a deeper trans connection with the show comes from the producers very own transgender son, an actor who had gotten a lot of press at the time for playing the recurring role of Cole, a transgender teen living in a group home on the ABC Family series The Fosters.
Some day perhaps, we all will be recognized as people...not trans people. But until the day, Doubt is a great start.

Cyrsti's Condo "Quote of the Day"

"Being a guy was was just killing me doing it."

Jessie Hart

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hostility Too

Recently, I had the rare distinction of being bluntly mis-pronouned twice in one day.

The first was at one of my Veterans Administration appointments when the nurse called me "Mr." I simply told her to "can the Mr. and we would be OK" and she profusely apologized.

The second was not so easy.

For the first time recently I attended a transgender/crossdresser support group here in Cincinnati. Most of the group was attended by younger delightful transgender couples with a trans man mixed in and a couple cross dressers-one with his wife.

She was trying hard to be understanding and supportive but as a self professed ultra conservative person she was struggling. First of all, she was what I call a "sandpaper person", or a person who just rubs on people the wrong way. (Me at least.)

At one point, she made a point of going around the table telling everyone she knew their birth gender. I was good and didn't say I wasn't sure about her's. Which I wasn't at the beginning.

Then later, cross dresser "hubby" called me "him" and I about went ballistic. You would have thought HE would have been the last person in the room to call me him. Perhaps he won't from now on.

I suppose I should have more patience, but I just don't and normally give someone the benefit of the doubt unless HE is wearing a little black dress 4 inch heels and full makeup to a weekday meeting at a church.

Hell, I am calm...can't you tell? :)


I am normally a fairly easy going person, until recently it seems. As a matter of fact, since the election. What really fires me up is a self professed transgender woman, trans man or ally who voted for "45" (Trumper) in the election.  I for one, wasn't one to vote away my hard earned LGBT rights.

For those who thought they wouldn't get taken away, it is already happening under Trumps appointee to the Attorney General position. That's right-already. If you are in the latter category and don't care what's happening, that's your business, but if you do, there are places to resist and protest all this craziness. (Don't think the Russians weren't the smart ones in directing the election towards "45"?)

I hope there is more than one spot to register your resistance, but this is the one I just received in my email.

"I just signed this petition telling Congress to push back against the First Amendment Defense Act, legislation to codify discrimination against LGBTQ people into federal law. I think you should too. Will you sign too? Thanks."

Act NOW!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Much Needed Vocal Advice!

From Connie:

Although I really despise the sound of a woman who speaks with a vocal fry, I'm hearing it more and more - even among radio professionals. These women often include a toned-down valley girl kind of phrasing, especially at the end of a phrase or sentence. I have been experimenting with using just a tiny bit of the vocal fry, as it has little to do with the vocal chords' ability to create pitch or tone. It sure does force one to soften the voice because it hurts at a higher volume - unless you want to sound like the late actress, Selma Diamond, who was a chain smoker. 

As a singer, I have always tried to open up and project, even when being gravelly (the trick is to create the gravel in the sinus cavity and not in the throat). By cutting back on the projection, and using a touch of the gravel (or fry) for certain words, I am slowly improving my feminine voice. My pitch will never be high enough to be that of the average woman, but there are cis women who speak in a pitch similar enough to mine. I'm really a baritone who had tried to be a tenor for many years (popular music has few baritones), and my three-octave range moves more toward the low end than the high. Working on a little fry has helped, in that I don't have to think at all about vocal range to use it.


Monday, February 13, 2017

Voice Overs?

I have found personally one of my biggest MtF transition hurdles has been my voice.

Jacqueline Bisset
I am light years away from my ideal of a low sexy Jacqueline Bisset voice! 

While I know there are great voice coaches out there in the world, with my budget, I am limited to what I read on line to come up with a DIY slightly feminine voice.

I struggle also with the fact my voice is very gravely from my days as a (back in the day) "Top-40" disc jockey.

Regardless of all of that, Saturday, Liz and I were out shopping when I heard a distinctly male voice behind me talking. For no particular reason I turned around and there were no men behind us.

Immediately my "trans-dar" antennae went up and we let the couple pass with the male voiced person. Now, I know there are many women with very low voices, but I also know somewhere along the line cis-women have a distinctive way of phrasing/talking and this person didn't.

Of course there was no way I was going to say anything because the couple seemed engrossed in being grumpy with each other. I was just fascinated.

I did have a chance to look for an Adam's Apple to no avail (can't see mine either) and for other telltale signs. On the feminine positive side, she was wearing leggings and had to die for hip development but on the male negative side, she had a real male belly.

So who knows? Like passing ships in the night, I am sure we will never meet again. I just thought it was exceedingly rare for the possibility of another couple such as Liz and I to be in the same small store at the same time. Two transgender lesbians?  


Originally posted:

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Cross Dressers Best Friend?

"Jessie Pierce" a self proclaimed "T-girl" shows off her best friend!!! Her mirror!!!


  1. I thought I left a comment here a year or two ago? Maybe not...I know at 56 my memory is...well, becoming a memory! Anyway...I hear the hostility (for lack of a better word) here, and I'm sorry you feel like this towards me...especially when you don't even know me...or what my private life is like. I think you'd be quite surprised at my 'behind the scenes' contributions to our community among other things. While I'm a little flattered to be singled out here...I'm sorry it's based on a visceral reaction I brought out in you.
    I wish for you peace in your heart...and love all around you...always.
  2. Jessie, I am SO sorry this came out the way it did and I have no idea why your comment got mis-placed somehow! You look great!
    All I was merely trying to say we ALL need to consider the mirror may give us "alternative facts on occasion. Especially me.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Ever Been "Made Over?"

One of every cross dressers earliest dreams is to have a cis woman make him over. Naturally, because a "real woman" has more expertise. Well, they do, on themselves. Plus they carry years of comments from Mothers, sisters and girlfriends. How could they not know more about the magic of make up?

When it comes to making up a male face, especially one they know well, very few are equipped to do a quality makeover.

I have been made over three times in my life, one in my "ancient" cross dressing days by an ex finance and the other two by make up professionals. One of which was not trying to sell me anything and one that was trying to sell me everything.

The first was in a motel room and achieved the fabulous fantasy I thought it would be, complete with shaved legs and lingerie. How I really looked? Who could say. I can only say our relationship was never the same (no matter what she said) and I could have looked like Bozo the clown's drag sister.

Completely opposite was the makeover I have written about here in Cyrsti's Transgender Condo a number of times. During one of the transvestite mixers I went to, they offered the services of a free makeover by a professional. All you needed was the courage to tuck away your ego in your girdle and do it. I did and could not believe the results! The person looking back at me in the mirror just couldn't have been me-but it was. I looked so good, I turned down a serious hit from a good looking man later that evening.

Finally, the makeover by a professional makeup sales woman was almost as good except she tried to sell me a variable ton of product I didn't need.

The blurry picture to the right is the only picture I have from any of the experiences.

So, when you are looking for a makeover and don't care about your finances, I would go the MaryKay or Avon route. Or even one of the department store counters and/or Mac.

Either way there are plenty of ways to be pampered with your own makeover.

I just don't think the normal spouse/girlfriend is the one to do it.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

It's How you Carry Yourself that Counts!

I know a ton of transgender and even cis women who would die to look like many of the gorgeous trans women or even drag queens they see, but for most of us, it just won't be in the cards-in this life anyway.

In the meantime, a great alternative to being presentation obsessed is being attitude  obsessed. Not that you shouldn't always try to put your best foot forward as a trans woman (even if in heels or tennis shoes), the proper attitude can take you a long way. Let's check in with Connie:

(Recently) " I was approached, separately, by a trans man and a trans woman. Both of them were just beginning their respective transitions, and I can only guess that they felt the need to approach me because I looked as though I could be some sort of mentor to them. Although I was dressed for the work I was doing (jeans and T shirt), I do think I was presenting well. More than that, though, I think my confidence level just shows (maybe even via an aura?). Whatever it is, it has to be the same thing that either draws someone in or leads to the "scowl". 

As I've said many times before, my FFS is a Fast & Friendly Smile, and I will give one to anyone who makes eye contact with me. If I get a scowl in return, it's not my problem, but their's. In the two cases mentioned above, had I been dressed up in a dress and heels, I may not have seemed so approachable, but I still would have smiled!

No matter how dressed up a trans woman is, the one thing she should not forget to wear is a smile on her face! :-)"

The "smile" accessory was one of the earliest additions to presenting I learned when I started to navigate the feminine world. I faced (no pun intended) the fact that most of the world would "read" me but I was able to "disarm" them with a smile of my own.

If a person is predetermined not to like a transgender women, be a bitchy one to make sure they never will!

Gigi Goes Gaga Over a Girl

From People Celebrity:

After coming out as gay male in her teens and later as a transgender female, Gigi Lazzarato thought she was done coming out.

But that all changed when the YouTube sensation known as Gigi Gorgeous, 24, met model and activist Natalia “Nats” Getty, also 24, last February.
“It’s crazy how life takes you on these roads that you’d never expect,” Lazzarato says in the current issue of PEOPLE of coming out as a lesbian to her 2.4 million YouTube channel subscribers in September. “I never thought I’d fall for a girl. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Gigi and "Nats"

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Loiza Lamers

We recently ran the news about  the UK's first transgender Top Model contestant  and were remiss in leaving out the first trans woman on America’s Next Top Model, Isis King, who competed on cycle 11 and returned for the 17th ‘All-Stars’ season.

But, Holland’s Next Top Model was the first to be crowned the franchise’s trans winner, Loiza Lamers, in 2015.

Loiza Lamers

Isis King


I hope I didn't ruin anybody's viewing experience on the "Gender Revolution", Katie Couric's transgender special on the National Geographic channel! Perhaps I should have put a spoiler alert except for Australia:

  1. I found it interesting to find that the documentary was shown in Australia a bit over a week BEFORE it was shown in America.

  2. I suppose that no spoiler alert was necessary for most of the trans world, then. I recorded it for viewing tonight, yet I was anticipating the SOS. Still, I watch these things just to see what the average person may have the opportunity to learn. There is a need to counteract the Jerry Springer-type shows, anyway.

  3. Brenda, I have no idea of why the showing times would be that different, unless the shows were different and tailored specifically to Australians which would make sense to me. Maybe Jeni can comment on it (she is from Australia?)
  4. Connie, as I mentioned before, this show could have major implications if it went further than "just speaking to the choir."
  5. Finally, have you all heard the rumors of Saturday Night Live (45's fave show)  perhaps trying to line up Rosie O'Donnell to impersonate scary right winger Steve Bannon and Dennis Leary to play "alternate fact" guru Kellyanne Conway?  Only in America! (45 is Trumper)
  6. I wish I could have used the "alternate fact" line on my parents when I was trying to work my way around the many tough spots I was in growing up!  

Tallulah-Eve Brown

Britain’s Next Top Model has cast its first ever transgender contestant.
Tallulah-Eve Brown, 22, will be starring in the 11th series of the hit UK and Irish version of the Top Model franchise.
Out of the 142 contenders to be on the show, Brown is the first contestant to come out as trans.

Follow the link above for more.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Rating Katie?

Last night National Geographic's presentation of the Gender Revolution aired in this part of the world at least with host Katie Couric.

Dr. Marci Bowers

Some on social media called it boring or at the best a Transgender 101 primer. For those of us who have lived a trans experience, indeed some of the show seemed a little tedious to me. Except for the exchange between trans pioneer Renee Richards, and Hari Nef a self described "gender fluid" 20 something.  I for one have never really liked Richards persona although obviously I don't know her. She is like someone's mean grandmother. The gender fluid girl talked of a time when gender wouldn't matter and Richards huffed "Utopia" before the interview came to a rather uncomfortable end.

Hari Nef

Renee Richards

Other parts of the two hour show contained an interview with famed SRS surgeon Marci Bowers, and later a look at the El Pollo Loco franchise in California owned by a transgender woman. She makes a good habit of hiring other trans women.

The link above should take you to a Global News site which gives a more in depth look at the show, Here is an excerpt:

It was an effort to educate the public about transgender individuals, and ironically, what people didn’t realize is that it was a taped show, and I could have taken that part out,” said Couric. “But I tried to use it as a teachable moment, and to show people there are appropriate and inappropriate ways to have these conversations. But I think, obviously, I had a lot to learn then, and I still … I’m not the world’s expert on gender issues. I certainly know a lot more having done this documentary.”

A teachable moment indeed if the word on this show which included the rest room battle in North Carolina, a transgender kids summer camp and a senior citizen transitioner and her wife reaches the right people.

Quite a bit of ground to cover in two hours when you consider the first half hour focused on intersex people. I have provided another link to National Geographic itself where you maybe able to catch the show.

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Myanmar transgender model released from jail
Myanmar transgender model Ma Myo Ko Ko San
A transgender model was held with male prisoners after she was arrested on suspicion of defamation in Myanmar.
Ma Myo Ko Ko San, 23, her country at the Miss International Queen 2014 beauty pageant. She was arrested as she arrived back to Myanmar from a trip to Thailand.
She was arrested in January on the allegations of defamation. It was alleged she defamed actress Wut Hmone Shwe Yi, 28, on the country’s most popular celebrity gossip page Cele Cele Small.
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