Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Football Bigot?

From Connie:

"I guess I'm a football bigot. I just assumed she played American football until I got half-way through the post, only to find that she played soccer. So, is she paying forward or is she playing forward? Maybe both, I suppose. :-)

Cultures that recognize a third gender are few and far between, and although it is certainly worthwhile to educate the rest of the world that a third gender is recognized somewhere else. However, I have doubts that general worldwide acceptance will come about through a third gender view of trans people. The major religions would have to subscribe to it first, I think. Governments may be more apt to move toward the notion, but, as we can see in the US now, there is volatility on that front. I do find it interesting that she spoke in North Carolina, though."
More work needs to be done on recognizing the ancient Native American Indian cultures who also accepted a "third gender". In fact, some recognized a "dual or two spirited" person to be very special.

Two-Spirited Marchers San Francisco Pride 2014

It's unfortunate the major religions you write of have lost that path of thought. What an easier life we would have as transgender women and trans men.
Also, moving too far out of the traditional gender binaries for many seems to be too difficult to grasp somehow, along with other facets of modern society. Thus returning to a simplistic religious belief mechanism, among other things.

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