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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


I hope I didn't ruin anybody's viewing experience on the "Gender Revolution", Katie Couric's transgender special on the National Geographic channel! Perhaps I should have put a spoiler alert except for Australia:

  1. I found it interesting to find that the documentary was shown in Australia a bit over a week BEFORE it was shown in America.

  2. I suppose that no spoiler alert was necessary for most of the trans world, then. I recorded it for viewing tonight, yet I was anticipating the SOS. Still, I watch these things just to see what the average person may have the opportunity to learn. There is a need to counteract the Jerry Springer-type shows, anyway.

  3. Brenda, I have no idea of why the showing times would be that different, unless the shows were different and tailored specifically to Australians which would make sense to me. Maybe Jeni can comment on it (she is from Australia?)
  4. Connie, as I mentioned before, this show could have major implications if it went further than "just speaking to the choir."
  5. Finally, have you all heard the rumors of Saturday Night Live (45's fave show)  perhaps trying to line up Rosie O'Donnell to impersonate scary right winger Steve Bannon and Dennis Leary to play "alternate fact" guru Kellyanne Conway?  Only in America! (45 is Trumper)
  6. I wish I could have used the "alternate fact" line on my parents when I was trying to work my way around the many tough spots I was in growing up!  

Monday, November 30, 2015

The Starship "Transgender?"

Neil deGrasse Tyson is by far my fave "astro physicist" if fact I had no idea of what an astro physicist was until I began to watch him and his Star Talk Show on the National Geographic Channel.  Last night's show was extra special though as he featured an interview with another of my "faves" Susan Sarandon.

Dr. Oppenheimer 
As the show wound it's way around more than a few concepts I don't pretend to totally understand-all of the sudden they were discussing one I did: it turns out Tyson's lead chair is Dr. Rebecca Oppenheimer. 

Dr. Oppenheimer is a comparative exoplanetary scientist: she studies planets orbiting stars other than the Sun. This nascent field is so young that much of the work involves developing the techniques needed to see these planets, so that their light can be dissected and analyzed. Her optics laboratory in the Rose Center is the birthplace of a number of new astronomical instruments designed to tackle this problem. In March 2004, Dr. Oppenheimer deployed the world's most sensitive coronagraph at the AEOS Telescope in Maui. See for more information. In June 2008, her team deployed an even more precise and sensitive exoplanet imaging system at the Palomar Observatory. This instrument is called Project 1640 and involves researchers at AMNH, Cambridge, Caltech, and NASA/JPL. All of these instrumentation efforts, as well as several others including the starlight suppression system for the International Gemini Observatory Planet Imager project (GPI), were conducted in Oppenheimer's lab in the Rose Center at AMNH.

And oh by the way Dr. Oppenheimer is a transgender woman and I paraphrase: or a woman who happened to be made to live as Ben.  And what if gender wasn't an issue anyhow?

An idea we have pondered for most of out lives! For whatever reason, I could not come up with much of a link for his show tonight. You are on your own this time.

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