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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Cross Dressers Best Friend?

"Jessie Pierce" a self proclaimed "T-girl" shows off her best friend!!! Her mirror!!!


  1. I thought I left a comment here a year or two ago? Maybe not...I know at 56 my memory is...well, becoming a memory! Anyway...I hear the hostility (for lack of a better word) here, and I'm sorry you feel like this towards me...especially when you don't even know me...or what my private life is like. I think you'd be quite surprised at my 'behind the scenes' contributions to our community among other things. While I'm a little flattered to be singled out here...I'm sorry it's based on a visceral reaction I brought out in you.
    I wish for you peace in your heart...and love all around you...always.
  2. Jessie, I am SO sorry this came out the way it did and I have no idea why your comment got mis-placed somehow! You look great!
    All I was merely trying to say we ALL need to consider the mirror may give us "alternative facts on occasion. Especially me.

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