Monday, February 13, 2017

Voice Overs?

I have found personally one of my biggest MtF transition hurdles has been my voice.

Jacqueline Bisset
I am light years away from my ideal of a low sexy Jacqueline Bisset voice! 

While I know there are great voice coaches out there in the world, with my budget, I am limited to what I read on line to come up with a DIY slightly feminine voice.

I struggle also with the fact my voice is very gravely from my days as a (back in the day) "Top-40" disc jockey.

Regardless of all of that, Saturday, Liz and I were out shopping when I heard a distinctly male voice behind me talking. For no particular reason I turned around and there were no men behind us.

Immediately my "trans-dar" antennae went up and we let the couple pass with the male voiced person. Now, I know there are many women with very low voices, but I also know somewhere along the line cis-women have a distinctive way of phrasing/talking and this person didn't.

Of course there was no way I was going to say anything because the couple seemed engrossed in being grumpy with each other. I was just fascinated.

I did have a chance to look for an Adam's Apple to no avail (can't see mine either) and for other telltale signs. On the feminine positive side, she was wearing leggings and had to die for hip development but on the male negative side, she had a real male belly.

So who knows? Like passing ships in the night, I am sure we will never meet again. I just thought it was exceedingly rare for the possibility of another couple such as Liz and I to be in the same small store at the same time. Two transgender lesbians?  

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