Friday, February 10, 2017

Ever Been "Made Over?"

One of every cross dressers earliest dreams is to have a cis woman make him over. Naturally, because a "real woman" has more expertise. Well, they do, on themselves. Plus they carry years of comments from Mothers, sisters and girlfriends. How could they not know more about the magic of make up?

When it comes to making up a male face, especially one they know well, very few are equipped to do a quality makeover.

I have been made over three times in my life, one in my "ancient" cross dressing days by an ex finance and the other two by make up professionals. One of which was not trying to sell me anything and one that was trying to sell me everything.

The first was in a motel room and achieved the fabulous fantasy I thought it would be, complete with shaved legs and lingerie. How I really looked? Who could say. I can only say our relationship was never the same (no matter what she said) and I could have looked like Bozo the clown's drag sister.

Completely opposite was the makeover I have written about here in Cyrsti's Transgender Condo a number of times. During one of the transvestite mixers I went to, they offered the services of a free makeover by a professional. All you needed was the courage to tuck away your ego in your girdle and do it. I did and could not believe the results! The person looking back at me in the mirror just couldn't have been me-but it was. I looked so good, I turned down a serious hit from a good looking man later that evening.

Finally, the makeover by a professional makeup sales woman was almost as good except she tried to sell me a variable ton of product I didn't need.

The blurry picture to the right is the only picture I have from any of the experiences.

So, when you are looking for a makeover and don't care about your finances, I would go the MaryKay or Avon route. Or even one of the department store counters and/or Mac.

Either way there are plenty of ways to be pampered with your own makeover.

I just don't think the normal spouse/girlfriend is the one to do it.

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