Thursday, February 23, 2017

And the Trans Kids Suffer

Nearly all of my transgender email feeds today had to do with "45's" administration rolling back the Obama school transgender bathroom executive order.

Just saying...if you are trans and or an ally, (and voted for 45) you helped sell the trans kids up the creek. You had to know it would happen. Just saying.

On a more pleasant subject, I had several of you check in with comments on the power of presenting "natural." Looking back, it was and is one of the hardest lessons to learn. In my case, be gentle with my use of eye shadow. And, if I try to bring out my eyes, go easy on the lips...or vice versus.

I have also started a more structured pre-bed time routine which includes a gentle soap wash, residue make up tissue remover (with Vitamin E and collagen) and an anti wrinkle moisturizer. Of course at my age (67) I need all the skin care I can get. Finally, I brush my hair out, which is becoming quite the project as I have a lot of it.

With our unseasonably warm February weather, I am also trying to take some of the winter weight I have gained off by walking. I feel  (no pun intended) I need to take off at least ten pounds.

So, as I have always said, this girl thing is not a joke. It is so much more than applying makeup and buying the right clothes. As any cis woman knows, it is the work no one sees which makes the difference!

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