Rating Katie?

Last night National Geographic's presentation of the Gender Revolution aired in this part of the world at least with host Katie Couric.

Dr. Marci Bowers

Some on social media called it boring or at the best a Transgender 101 primer. For those of us who have lived a trans experience, indeed some of the show seemed a little tedious to me. Except for the exchange between trans pioneer Renee Richards, and Hari Nef a self described "gender fluid" 20 something.  I for one have never really liked Richards persona although obviously I don't know her. She is like someone's mean grandmother. The gender fluid girl talked of a time when gender wouldn't matter and Richards huffed "Utopia" before the interview came to a rather uncomfortable end.

Hari Nef

Renee Richards

Other parts of the two hour show contained an interview with famed SRS surgeon Marci Bowers, and later a look at the El Pollo Loco franchise in California owned by a transgender woman. She makes a good habit of hiring other trans women.

The link above should take you to a Global News site which gives a more in depth look at the show, Here is an excerpt:

It was an effort to educate the public about transgender individuals, and ironically, what people didn’t realize is that it was a taped show, and I could have taken that part out,” said Couric. “But I tried to use it as a teachable moment, and to show people there are appropriate and inappropriate ways to have these conversations. But I think, obviously, I had a lot to learn then, and I still … I’m not the world’s expert on gender issues. I certainly know a lot more having done this documentary.”

A teachable moment indeed if the word on this show which included the rest room battle in North Carolina, a transgender kids summer camp and a senior citizen transitioner and her wife reaches the right people.

Quite a bit of ground to cover in two hours when you consider the first half hour focused on intersex people. I have provided another link to National Geographic itself where you maybe able to catch the show.