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Monday, February 27, 2017

Busy Week

First of all, it's hard to believe March is here this week and I have so much to do!

Tonight is the bi-monthly meeting (no pun intended) of the Cincinnati Crossport  group which is a loosely tied together group of transgender and cross dressing peeps. I will be interested to see if the snarky cross dressers wife returns. If I get attacked, I will know she reads the blog :).

Tuesday is one of my VA doctors appointments up in Dayton which is quite the round trip and takes me most of the day.

Wednesday is a get together to do signage for Thursdays' protest march at Cincinnati's City Hall. Protesting of course "45's" (Trump's) edit to do away with transgender children's restroom protections. A slam at the most innocent sector of the transgender community, who of course do not have a vote.

Thursday is the protest itself which by all estimates should be well attended.

Friday I get my hearing checked...huh? Perhaps I can explain why I don't hear them when they call me "Mr."?

Saturday if we can fit it in is a meeting of one of the "creative" groups we go to. It's an eclectic group of artists, writers etc,

Then of course I have to work in time to write about it all!

And all this time I thought retirement was a time for rest?